​Your first nude shooting - procedure

​Nervousness, tension and anticipation - a mixture of many feelings will be more or less noticeable before your first nude shoot. You have long searched for the right nude photographer who is creative, professional and trustworthy. You have prepared yourself long and intensively for your photo shooting day and now of course you want your effort to be worthwhile.

On the one hand you have the desire to experience how your beauty is seen and captured in the picture and on the other hand you may have concerns about "presenting" yourself naked in front of a stranger and his camera. You are not a model and perhaps rather camera shy and wonder if the photos will still be really great.

So or so the situation has been for most of the most of my more than 1,000 customers. This is exactly I adjust myself. Your feelings, your desires and your ability and will determine the day. 

The day usually starts with a beauty styling by one of my one of my enchanting makeup artists. Of course you can style yourself. The makeup artist first discusses with you your ideas and shows you different ways to emphasize your beauty to accentuate your beauty according to your type. You will be made up with high quality brand products for the later flash light and then your hair will be styled. styled. Straightened, curled or waved - just as you want it. The make-up artist takes about 1.5 to 2 hours for everything. time, so that everything is really perfect.

Afterwards, I will show you the complete photo studio and and explain the different possibilities. After the studio tour we sit we sit down in the lounge and talk relaxed about your photo shoot wishes and just about everything that comes to mind in the comes to mind.  So we get to know each other a little bit and create an interpersonal basis.

Before we start with the nude shooting, I make me a picture of your things that you have brought for the shooting. I how and where we can put which underwear or props best in the scene. can put in scene. When all questions are clarified, it goes to the photo shoot in one of the many photo backdrops.

Here applies: I will explain everything to you - you can not do anything wrong. Your own ideas are welcome but not mandatory from to be brought in by you. It is my job to develop the right image ideas and poses for you and poses for you and to implement the nude motifs with you. I explain each pose and take care of a careful selection of light and perspective. and perspective.

​No random shots or unflattering snapshots are taken. The shutter button is only pressed when everything fits. After just a few shots you will no longer feel naked, everything will be normal. Everything will work out. Before each change of the photo scenery we take a break. Sometimes long, sometimes short - just as we feel. So your own nude photos are created much easier than you think.

There is no time pressure, because the whole day is reserved for you and your beauty. We take the time we need to make super beautiful photos of you. Photos that will surprise you and make you proud. In my 360sqm photo studio, everything is designed to implement all the possibilities of aesthetic nude and erotic photography.

After the photo shoot, we look relaxed on a beamer screen our joint work. You will be really surprised how many different motifs were created on the day. The last part of your nude shooting day will be the most difficult task because now you are spoiled for choice to choose the final photos from the large amount. Of course I will not leave you and recommend you which nudes are a very good choice or which ones you could perhaps do without. Finally I want that you do not regret your choice in the long run and still look at it in 30 years full of joy and pride. and proud.

You will be on your way home with many new impressions, a little tired and with a feeling of happiness on your way home. done everything right.

Your selected favorite photos will be prepared in the and made available to you quickly and discreetly via download. So you can choose your nudes as prints, as a nude photo book, as a nude calendar or e.g. as an erotic canvas picture. Now it gets exciting again - the anticipation, to hold your own nude photos in your hand, rises. You are happy to to see how beautiful you are and literally get a different self-image and self-confidence.

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