​Are you wondering if a nude shoot is right for you?
Here are 10 reasons why EVERY woman should have nude photos / boudoir photos taken of herself

  1. ​​Because your life is too seldom only about YOU
    ​Always being there for others, putting your own needs behind, doing right by others... you probably know this all too well.  Now it's time to reward yourself for all the efforts and not so easy times and start this wonderful journey to yourself.

  2. ​Because life changes
    ​We all experience changes in life, some are exciting and welcome, others are scary and come out of the blue. Be it physical, emotional or in other ways. This makes it all the more important to capture the here and now in pictures and not put your wishes on the back burner. Because some things can't be brought back. It's important to simply pause and appreciate who we are, what we've accomplished, and accept and love our bodies as they are and why they are.  

  3. ​​Because you are unique
    Everyone is different and this is important to hold on to. Sometimes it takes someone else to help us see how beautiful we really are. My makeup artist and I see the best in you and make sure you see it too.

  4. ​Because you experience yourself
    ​You are your own worst critic and you often focus too much on the negative about yourself - especially when you look at your body.  A professional nude/boudoir photoshoot shows you what you really look like and what makes you particularly attractive.  It allows you to see yourself as others perceive you, rather than through your own (sometimes overly critical) eyes. Seeing yourself in a new light and from a new perspective is a wonderful way to get a great boost of self-esteem and self-confidence.

  5. ​Because you give yourself a gift
    Having yourself professionally posed will be, after the initial nervousness, an exciting experience that you will enjoy. In addition, you give yourself photos that will always show you how great you look and are - no matter what.

  6. ​​​Because your photos will make your partner happy and speechless
    Birthday, long distance relationship, wedding, anniversary, Valentine, Christmas or to bring even more intensity into a relationship - no matter what the occasion, your partner will be very happy about such a personal and intimate gift and will appreciate you even more.

  7. ​Because it is an unforgettable day
    ​Such a day is probably unique in your life. It is an incomparable mixture of many emotional and physical impressions. A must for every bucket list.

  8. Because you get more self-confidence
    We all have our insecurities about our appearance, and it all plays out in our heads. The biggest critic is inside of you. But how we see ourselves and how others see us are usually miles apart. You tend to focus on the negative things and forget about all the beautiful sides and overall charisma. As a photographer, I see you as a whole personality and focus on your "best version" The photographs of your beauty in all facets help you to accept, respect and love yourself. 

  9. ​Because nothing and no one can take these memories and photographs away from you.
    ​today often has no meaning tomorrow. Memories fade, beauty changes and that faster than one would like. Photos remain and never lose their meaning - no matter how life plays. Well-made nude photographs of you will have a special meaning for the rest of your life and will probably increase in value.

  10. ​Because it will be much better than you can probably imagine at the moment.
    There are 2 statements that I always hear:
     1. BEFORE the shooting: "I'm not that photogenic and also not a model -  hopefully you can take nice photos of me."
     2. AFTER the shooting: "I never thought it would be so easy and that I would look like this. I am proud of myself and what I have done." 

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