​Find the best photographer for nude photos in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck or in Linz (Austria) ?

Nude photography is the supreme discipline of photography. Special nudes are characterized by aesthetics, light and shadow and a subtle appeal. Whether in black and white or in color.

Choosing the best photographer for a nude photo shoot is not easy. After all, you won't treat yourself to an aesthetic erotic photo shoot every day and rightly have high expectations. Many of my clients have traveled from Austria for such a special photo shoot and each has told me afterwards that it was worth the effort.

As a nude photographer (professional photographer / photo artist) I offer you my experience from more than 1,000 nude shootings and a 360 square meter photo studio with many backdrops (eg for a rain shoot) and countless props.

But I am also available for a nude photo shoot in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt or even in Linz, if you have a nice location. For my nude photographs I was already allowed to receive more than 60 international awards, my works were exhibited in many photo magazines and in some galleries.

​​Take a little time and look at my nudes and lingerie photos in peace. I photograph of course not only models, but every woman. Because every person is beautiful. It depends on the right perspective, atmospheric light and a favorable pose. You do not need to worry about all this. I will explain everything to you and always make sure that you appear in the best light. So you get nude pictures that will not miss their effect. As a gift for yourself or as a photo book for your partner, as a wall picture, as a photo calendar and much more (private, no commercial use!).

For your photo shooting "Nude and Erotic" you need neither experience nor perfect model measurements to be photographed naked. Almost all of my customers have never done a professional photo shoot. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. We take as much time as you need (a whole shooting day with no time limit) to arrive and get used to the camera. A trained professional make-up artist is optionally available to you for a type-appropriate make-up and a perfect hairstyling.

Look forward to seductive artistic nude photographs that you will look at with pride and joy for a lifetime. 

​No time limit

​A whole photo shoot day just for you and your beauty. 
No clock ticking in the background here. 

​Type appropriate image editing

​Image editing with the latest software, a trained eye and a lot of flair for authentic photos.

​For every woman

​Let yourself be surprised how I put you in scene. With the right perspective, light & shadow and a favorable pose easier than you think. From 18 to 99 years, from skinny to curvy.

100% ​Discretion

​No one but you and I will see your photos - no one will know you were here. After the photo shoot and the encrypted photo delivery, your photos will be irrevocably deleted.

​Makeup artist

​The perfect look for your photo shoot. My trained make-up artist team conjures up the perfect make-up and a wonderful hairstyling.

100 ​Possibilities

​The photo studio offers you on 360 square meters incomparable many possibilities for very special nude photos / lingerie boudoir photos. and ​for a rain photo shoot.

​Digital body painting

​Have your body transformed into a colorful work of art without holding still for hours. Digital body paintings for body landscapes are included in the price.

International awarded

​Kristian Liebrand has specialized exclusively in nude photography of women since 2008 and has received more than 60 international
awards for his nude art photographs.

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