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​​​​A nude shoot is a matter of trust and probably a new experience for you. ​Of course you ask yourself the question whether such a nude photo shoot in my photo studio is right for you. Here you will learn from my customers, which (unnecessary) doubts they also had before and how it was then actually to spend a photo shoot day in my studio. 

"Whatever you do, the last thing you want to do is wake up at 65 and think about what you missed.", George Clooney

If you have already been here, I am very happy about your impressions. It will help all interested and maybe still doubting women to better understand how you feel during a nude photo shoot. feel. 

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The following entries have been translated into English:

Dear Kristian, I will writea detailed review (but I would like to take my time for that, just likeyou do for all the women) but first of all - a normal "5 star" rating
(which is basically very good ...) is not enough here in life! What youdo and what/how you are cannot be put into words !!! To all women ▶️ especially to those who doubt themselves andand therefore perhaps have not yet thought about such a shoot ... do it and go to Kristian 🙏🏻!! The fact that such an internationally successful photographer makes it possible for ordinary women 'from next door' to get such photos of themselves is better than any 6 in the lottery !!! I am so glad that I found your site 🙏🏻😊!!! Best regards (part 2 to follow 😉) 

Part 2 - 10 days ago I was able to experience the shoot with Kristian. First of all: Thank you dear Melanie - you do a great job and it was fun -also- to start this extraordinary day with you!!! Thank you - Kristian - for everything!!! 🙏🏻 >Some things should be done once in a lifetime - and for a woman that should be a shoot with Kristian.< You have your heart in the right place, and with your lovely, funny and likeable manner you make it very easy to feel neither strange nor uncomfortable, even though it is a very special experience. The security and appreciation that you give and show makes the whole shoot absolutely pleasant and easy. The fact that you want to make it possible for every 'normal' woman to get such beautiful photos of herself is a wonderful attitude; you invest so much in every shoot, in every single photo, you see the women with your heart and not through your camera - you won't find that anywhere else. Through the good - also personal - conversations with you, but also that you can laugh with you and through your quick empathy, one has a familiar relationship in a short time and can enjoy the day -> "Everyday life/doubt off - Courage/adventure on!" Dear girls - especially those who (especially) doubt themselves-> book a shoot with Kristian ... you won't regret it, but will always think back and look at the great photos! To describe Kristian in a few wordsa few words: charming, respectful, warm, sincere,
sympathetic, polite, humorous ... a special person !!! ...And it's good that Kristian followed his heart and became a nude photographer! Dear Kristian all the best and lots of fun and success !!! LG :)

I went to Kristian for a shoot in mid-November to "make" an advent calendar for my boyfriend. The two most important things first - the photos turned out mega (according to my boyfriend ;-), who has been allowed to open 10 envelopes so far) and the shoot was so relaxed that I never felt naked at any point (although I definitely was, with a few exceptions...)! I was worried that I would like 24 photos so much that I could give them away in a calendar. In the end, I went home with 48 photos because I couldn't justify to myself deleting one more of these beautiful photos. I probably should have taken more photos... Kristian is a professional who prepares this special day perfectly (you get an email with tips after booking, all of which I found very helpful) and executes it. In this respect, I can only agree with the other ladies and don't want to repeat everything here. The day is all yours and Kristian takes the time for it. Kristian is also very helpful beyond the shoot - my car wouldn't start and, as the ADAC would probably have taken three hours, he drove me to the train station so that I didn't have to call a cab. I am infinitely glad that I trusted my instincts and made the three hours' drive (and 5 hours back by train...) instead of going to some local photographer.​ I had been on Kristian's site in April or May and knew immediately that I wanted photos of Kristian. The photos are absolutely worth the effort and every penny. Thank you Kristian for everything! Anna

vanka N.
Kristian is a really brilliant photographer. He proves to you that every woman is pretty and sexy.  The shoot is highly respectable, the studio absolutely clean and everything is done professionally.  The stylist was responsive to my needs and I felt safe at all times. Respect is written in capital letters here.  The photographer is approachable, friendly and shows you from perspectives and in a way you've never seen yourself before.  It was a great day and I love the pictures of me. It's worth every euro.  You too can have your beauty shown to you in pictures. You will be amazed, very happy and not regret it.  Thanks again to Kristian Liebrand. Many greetings from the north, Ivanka N. 

Dear Kristian, I was with you last week for the shoot and would like to thank you again for such a great, eventful day. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time and was very friendly you, so that my nervousness quickly disappeared. The make-up artist was also super nice and asked me about my wishes and then styled me. and then styled me. Thanks again for this 🙂. After you showed me around the studio, we talked about my idea of the shoot. of the shoot and exchanged ideas. Before the the first photos you gave me a short "crash course" in posing. "crash course" for posing, which helped me a lot. In between, you showed me a few photos again and again, so that get a feeling for my body. At the end of the day I was allowed see all the unedited pictures and was amazed at how beautiful the pictures are and was amazed that I look so good in these pictures, because "woman" often sees herself much more critically. This gave me a whole new feeling for my body, although I was not fundamentally dissatisfied before. Thank you for showing me your perspective and for making it an unforgettable day that I will always look back on with joy. I wish you all the best for the future and stay as you are. With your kindness you made this day so easy for me and you showed me how great nude photography can be. And to all the ladies who are unsure whether to book a shoot, make an appointment you won't regret it.you will have a whole new perspective on yourself after the shoot. And you will look at the photos again and again with a smile on your face.🙂🙂

exciting - thrilling - special - unique - artistic - creative artistic - creative - body-conscious - self-experiencing - beauty-focused - conscious - intense - novel - funny - relaxed - profound - sustainable - entertaining - different - respectful - wonderful - magical - unique - unforgettable - that's how I experienced the photo shoot with you and I am very grateful to you for it! photo shoot with you and I am very grateful for it!  

It's been over a month since my photo shoot ago. That's how long it took me to process and puzzle all my experiences, impressions, new impulses for thought and consciousness. All of them came about through this single day. All of them are important for me! That sounds unbelievable, but in my case it was exactly the case! And that is largely due to this great photographer Kristian. Two things make him and a photo shoot with him so special for me.
Firstly, I had the feeling that his special need was for him to give this day to me and me alone and that and that this applies to every photo shoot! I find that special because it's not natural to invest so much energy in another person in another person who, for him, is forgotten again after three days. forgotten for him after three days, but never again for the person - i.e. me. It is time that he invests, but Kristian also manages to create an atmosphere that is Kristian also manages to create an atmosphere that is familiar. And I think that that this is true for every photo shoot. He simply has a special gift. The second thing I find special is that is that appreciation is an integral part of the whole shoot. of the whole shoot. Not only the time he takes for you to get to know you better in the many to get to know you better and to listen to you in the many conversations but also the appreciative way he treats you during the shoot itself. itself. I never felt insecure or uncomfortable, even though I was naked in front of a strange man in unfamiliar poses. I had the Kristian quickly had an idea of how to present your body in the right light for the next photo. your body into the best pose for the next photo with the right light. pose for you. Looking at my pictures today, I keep thinking, that he is a master of light and shadow, and that he does it from his not by a studied technique. He gives value to each image even in post-processing - look at his gallery; I find each body gets that value through his way of photographing and processing - a priceless asset, ultimately for you, because they are your photos. Since this shoot, for me there is only the term nude photography, because "nude" is so often misused and "nude" can express the art that is found in his photos. Of course, this is just my review. Actually, I don't write reviews because I often don't have the time in my daily family and professional life. But in this case I do, because I want to give Kristian back a little of his appreciation for me. Of course, you might think that I paid for this shoot, but the money has no value compared to the appreciation you receive here. You take this with you forever. In one of our conversations, Kristian told me that you can only book a shoot with him in the studio once. On the one hand, that made me so sad because that day was supposed to be the only time. On the other hand, he does this because he wants to make such a day possible for every woman. And what an incredibly wonderful attitude that is! I don't begrudge any woman, so do it girls. It has changed my perspective on myself so much. I am grateful for a bit more self-confidence and love for my body and the peace of mind that comes with this attitude. Kristian, I wish you many more interesting photo shoots and the strength you need for them. You invest a lot every time. And I am incredibly grateful to you for that. Thank you for this day and all the magic I was able to take with me. Take good care of yourself.

There are things you should do once in your life and treat yourself to. A photo shoot with you is definitely one of them. Nothing and no one can take this experience and the moments captured in the picture away from me. Even and especially when fate has not been so kind to us. I am so happy to have overcome my fears and doubts and to have done the shooting with you. I will never forget that day and the photos always show me how I am seen by others. They help me to wipe away self-doubt and give me a great portion of joy in life. Thank you very much, dear Kristian, for giving me so much with your kindness and talent.                                             

​Hello dear girls,I would also like to say a few kind words of thanks and appreciation to Kristian. This day, this experience will remain unforgotten. It was carried by harmony and intimacy. I can only encourage every woman to experience such a great shooting, you don't have to be 20 years old and you don't need to be a model. The only prerequisite is to feel comfortable in and with your own body, then the charisma comes all by itself. I myself am already 54 years old, so far away from youth, and I dared to do it. My first nude shooting. Don't be afraid, it will be a great day with wonderful photos. Precise instructions from Kristian will quickly take away the nervousness and guide you through the whole day, carried by peace and time. Cut off from everyday life and sink into another world. The photos are true works of art. Thank you very much dear Kristian. You are a wonderful person and a great photographer. DARE YOU'' Love from Heike from Leipzig   

​Dear Kristian, thank you so much for the wonderful shoot and the stunning photos! The make-up artist did such an amazing job with my make-up and hair. Very natural, not dressed up. The hooting was total fun. We had a good connection right away and laughed a lot. Kristian showed me through his (already unedited) photos how beautiful my body looks. I was really speechless. After that day I go through life with a different feeling. That is priceless. Ladies... If you have any doubts, DO THIS! 

 Dear Kristian, I would like to thank you for this unforgettable day and share my impressions with you. First of all, I would like to mention that this was my first photo shoot, so the night before was already marked by great excitement and little sleep. When I arrived at the studio, Kristian was waiting for me in a very warm and open way. First he led me through the studio, showed me the different sets and lightened the mood with a pleasant conversation. Of course he noticed my nervousness and promised me that it would quickly subside. The make-up artist came and she was also very professional and the result was great. Before the shoot started, there was a short introduction to posing. This was a great relief for me, as I quickly realised that even without modelling experience you are in good hands. Kristian guided me through the entire shoot, gave specific instructions at my request and I never felt uncomfortable at any time. Due to his professionalism and cordial manner, the nervousness disappeared after the first set and it was just fun. It was a completely new experience and I am glad to have had it! I can only recommend anyone who is thinking of booking a shoot to do so. Before I booked the shoot, I looked at the gallery several times and I was a bit put off by the great pictures with the pretty women. I was afraid that my pictures wouldn't be as perfect as I don't look like the models pictured and I would therefore be disappointed. But Kristian also took away this fear and assured me from the beginning that we would also take great pictures. He managed to change my self-perception with his shots and his manner by giving me the biggest compliment and asking if he could publish some of my pictures.I would never have dreamed that I too am as pretty or have such a body as his depicted models, but he showed it with his unedited pictures. Through him, my self-image has evolved from a little walrus to an attractive woman and this is priceless and beyond words! It will definitely not stay with just one shoot with Kristian and I am just grateful to have experienced this day.Kristian, thank you for all your words and excellent work and I look forward to the stylish pictures and seeing you again!                  

Hello Kristian, Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. The shooting felt so great that you didn't want the day to end. Right from the start, you made such a calm and professional impression that I immediately felt at ease. It's very pleasant that the make-up artist comes first and you have time to adjust to the premises and the upcoming shoot on location. After the styling, you took the time to show me the sets and listened carefully to my wishes and ideas. Only then did you start. By then I had already got used to the studio and got to know you a little better. That gave me a lot of security. When it started, the biggest nervousness was gone. And after the first poses and comments from you, it was completely gone. I am more than satisfied with the result. Looking at the pictures gives me such a wonderful feeling and makes me think back enthusiastically to the shooting. I am very sure that it will not remain "once in a lifetime" for me. I can only recommend all women to have this experience. Kristian is an artist who knows how to put female assets in the best possible light in an extremely discreet and highly professional way. I cannot thank him enough. All the best Kristian and have fun with all the women on your special day. 

Dear Kristian, on 02.03.2021 I was with you for my very first photo shoot. It was an incredible day for me. We had already had very pleasant contact by email beforehand and I had been looking forward to this day for three months. Of course I was a bit nervous. But you welcomed and welcomed me so well that the excitement was quickly pushed into the background. I can't really put into words how much the day means to me. It will definitely be a day in my life that I will never forget. Thanks to the amazing photos you took of me, I will always be able to relive that day. I will feel the emotions: the initial nervousness, the quick feeling of well-being, great conversations, humorous shooting sessions, philosophising about life...and everything will leave a smile on my lips, as well as a sparkle in my eyes and give me a certain warmth around my heart. Words cannot express my emotions and gratitude. But I know you understand me because of telepathic abilities ;-) Kristian, you are a very special and sensitive person. You see people with your heart, not just through the lens 😉 You were able to empathise with my personality so quickly and that makes you a wonderful photographer in addition to your know-how. Especially in your field of nude photography, you are dealing with a particularly sensitive clientele. And we all know: We women have the biggest critic in us. Of course, I can only speak of myself. But you manage to give this critic a break and let me go home with a wonderful feeling. Although I expected the whole day to be about appearances, it wasn't like that at all. We exchanged many personal things. You probably don't have this personal connection with any other photographer. In my eyes, you have found your purpose. You create wonderful moments and capture them. Not only in photos, but this day is stored in my heart forever. You showed me how beautiful I am and also appreciated my personality. I went home with a great self-image, an extra-large portion of self-confidence and a crazy rush of happiness. And of course with a huge anticipation of the photos that would come in the next few days. I will be eternally grateful for that. A little tip for the other women: maybe you warm up beforehand or something 😉 The shooting photos were then spread out over the days after the shooting day. It was always like reliving the day. The pictures are soooo wonderful!!! My heart really opened up with joy because the pictures are soooo infinitely great. I was also very proud of myself at the same time and happy that I had made the decision to book a shoot. And I am so happy that I came across you. It was just perfect and a total fit for me! 😊 The pictures are just the perfect result of a perfect day with you that will stay in my memory forever. (The sore muscles were luckily not for eternity and were danced out after two Zumba lessons :-))I shared a selection of the pictures with three friends and told everything from beginning to end. I couldn't get out of beaming. Now a week and a half has passed since the shoot and so far I've had one picture enlarged and the others ordered. What I would like to say is: You just get something out of this beautiful experience for such a long time and for me it has become a small project 😊 Sometimes I also watch my testimonial video, which we spontaneously recorded on the day of the shoot. Then the memory is even closer 😊 I'm really glad you're not sitting in a pew anymore, but followed your heart and chose nude photography. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to experience all this. You understand your passion not only in terms of perfection and professional competence, but you don't forget the human aspect. In my eyes, you fulfil a higher purpose with your art. One of them: to open women's eyes to how beautiful they are. I hope I will find my vocation, like you, and can make people as happy as you do. :-) Stay as you are, keep following your heart and keep sharing your passion for beauty with us women :-) I will definitely continue to follow your art on Insta and co : Thank you so much for being who you are and all your effort!!! A super warm hug!!! All the love de todo corazón, Kerstin 😊                      

​Dear Kristian :-) Thank you very much for the unforgettable shooting day :-) What you do is not only photos but true art! Your friendly manner made me feel at ease right away. You know how to take the perfect photo with the perfect exposure, the right pose (which you explain so well that you can't do anything wrong) and the right perspective. You immediately notice how much experience you have and how professional you are. Despite all your professionalism, you are very open and witty, which I found very likeable:-) One notices immediately how much passion you put into photography and that it is more than just your profession. I have the greatest respect for the way you dedicate yourself to your project for people suffering from blood cancer! The amount of time and passion you put into it is simply admirable! We need more people like you!:-) When thinking about where to get stylish nude photos, I definitely recommend Kristian. I was happy to travel a few hours to get there :-) I searched online for photographers and found nothing comparable. The many backdrops and especially the rainwater shoot are something very special! The whole studio is very lovingly furnished and extremely clean. I also found the fact that there was no time pressure very relaxing. The price/performance ratio is more than justified, especially when you consider that you probably only do something like this once in a lifetime and then you want really beautiful photos and not to some photographer who takes nude photos next to job applications and family photos;-) As you can see on Kristian's homepage, you really don't need model measurements to get extremely beautiful photos of yourself. The only thing I missed in advance is that although it says on the homepage that you don't need model measurements (which is really the case, I'm curvier myself;-)) but when you look at the photos there, you only see very slim women ;-) I would have liked to see some photos of curvier women there to see what it looks like and to be able to imagine it better on yourself. I could imagine that this might discourage some curvier women who are still undecided but that's just my opinion and of course it doesn't have to be like that;-) In any case, you really don't need model measurements (I definitely don't have them either;-)) and if I were to do something like this again, it would definitely be with Kristian!:-)) The photos are really something special!:-) 

My day with Kristian. I turned fifty in October. Shortly before my birthday, I had expressed the wish that I would like to have a few nice photos taken of me. I also said where, with whom and why. Shortly after my birthday I received an e-mail from Kristian confirming an appointment. I was surprised because I had never believed that someone would arrange it for me. For the first time I was positively surprised and at the same time full of panic.  When you look at Kristian's website in advance and see the beautiful photos on his website; you ask yourself afterwards "WHAT DO YOU WANT THERE". The women he photographs are perfect, perfect and sexy. And I am average, mother and wife. Always there for everyone but not for myself. Always under stress because of my job, child, household and husband. I feel the same as many other women. A little yoga and sport during the week and lots of books in the evenings give me relaxation in between and let me dive into another world. After receiving the next email from Kristian with various information about the shoot, I got serious. I had at least partially given up coffee and almost the whole time sweets.  It was difficult to bake biscuits and not eat them. Funnily enough, I don't miss it to this day. A positive side effect, I think. Then came the day! I didn't sleep well and I didn't sleep long. I was over punctual. PREMIERE for me. I would rather wait for someone than have someone wait for me. I had been awake and nervous for hours. I sat in the car outside Kristian's studio. After a few minutes he came out and greeted me nicely and we went inside.    From the beginning he was calm, matter-of-fact and had targeted his questions. He radiates calmness, friendliness and composure.  I was still very nervous. After a short coffee break, we took a tour of his studio and looked at the individual rooms. Kristian first asked me if I wanted to leave out any of the rooms or if I had any other wishes. He gave me a few hints and explanations about the poses and when I was ready I was allowed to change or undress in the bathroom. First I was allowed to wear panties and a bra. The first photos were ready. After the further break, I didn't wear anything from then on. It didn't bother me any more either. With time I became calmer and more relaxed. Working with Kristian was uncomplicated and without problems. We laughed a lot and I had to control myself from time to time to stop laughing. It was beautiful, exciting and completely new for me. A dreamlike experience and like a day's holiday in an unreal world. Kristian showed me the photos in between. I couldn't see much, though, because I wear glasses and my comments were rather sober at first. In the late afternoon we were done and I was allowed to look at the results. In large size and with glasses. What I got to see was indescribably indescribably beautiful. I couldn't believe that the photos were of me and my body. It was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed. The photos are sexy and show a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. With great breasts and even a perfectly nice bottom (I always thought there was none). Choosing the photos was not easy because Kristian, as he said at the beginning, never clicks the camera for nothing. He only pulls the trigger when everything is perfect for him. That's what the photos look like. PERFECT! and UNBEZAHLBAR!!!!! THANK YOU KRISTIAN. PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO THIS AND MAKE MORE WOMEN HAPPY. And you women make an appointment quickly, it's worth it. The appointment with Kristian is better than any holiday in a 5 star hotel or a wellness day on the alpine pasture. I'll also tell you why. It will be YOUR DAY. Kristian will take care of YOU from the first to the last second. Even without champagne and skiing you will have the relaxation, peace and fun the whole time. After seeing the photos you are only happy about what you have and striving for more is pointless. The happy moments will stay with you for a while. At least that's how I feel. Thank you Kristian - the God - who creates women's bodies anew. Thank you it was a great experience with you. 

I am so glad I dared! It a unique and wonderful experience and I am overwhelmed by the result! overwhelmed! Kristian made it very easy for me and because of the pleasant pleasant atmosphere it was just a great day! I can only recommend it to everyone!

​When a woman wants to give herself a nude photo shoot for her upcoming 50th birthday, an odyssey through the www begins...finding the perfect studio was something I had imagined would be easier, and I initially made the mistake of including my place of residence in the Google search. What a lot there is...from the classic chains that offer a huge portfolio as well as nude photography (unimaginable when the curtains are drawn and job application photos are taken next door ;) to photo studios with an equally large portfolio and an unbelievably bad gallery, often you didn't even see WHO was going to photograph you there. Not to mention the set possibilities! And almost everywhere these so-called packages were offered, varying in time and number of pictures. Why is there actually no one who specialises exclusively in nude photography...with no time limit? Such a shooting is not done in an hour, it is so damn intimate and based on trust. I then landed on Kristian's HP...and WOW...I could hardly believe my luck! Everything fit, there were no questions left unanswered. And in his gallery I found exactly THE style I was hopelessly looking for. Enough has already been written here about the process, the atmosphere, the various set possibilities and about Kristian himself, I can sign ALL of it 1:1! And when I saw the first shots on his camera display....*BÄMS*...it threw me out of my shoes (which I wasn't wearing) ...ohgottohgottohgott....That's art! No wonder I didn't get an appointment immediately and I would have driven through half of Germany to be photographed by him. I must have looked at the pictures 1001 times (in one week) and have already commissioned 5 of them for prints that will always remind me of this unforgettable day and just this special part of the shoot. These will find their place in our spacious, completely purist white hallway and every day it will be as if I am wandering through a beautiful, stylish, aesthetic little art gallery of light and shade. And that's what will stay, forever...no new mobile phone model purchased every 2 years can do that. You wonderful women out there, no more thinking but doing....and only with Kristian. Thank you Kristian, damn photography god !!!

​Tanja Shooting 14/07/2020
A lot has already been written and before the artist forgets me, I'll leave a few lines here. To all the guestbook browsing ladies; so you have already wasted at least one thought on booking a nude photo shoot with KLI and there is not a single reason NOT to do it.He is a professional through and through and even though the intern was sick and we couldn't find the yellow pages (fun) the process was perfect.The whole concept is thought out from front to back and no questions are left unanswered. Kristian says; Every woman is beautiful and at the end of the day, woman is tired but happy, proud, (even) more confident, a little taller and experiences colossal satisfaction based on the fantastic photographs. So what are you waiting for? Whatever happened to you or made you come here...just do it, don't talk, because the right moment is "now" I wish you a lot of fun too!

K = artist
R = respectful
I = intelligent
S = sympathetic
T = profound
I = introverted/idealistic
A = graceful photographs
N = not easily impressed
L = sweet/funny
I = internationally successful
E = empathic
B = on the job
R = real head person
A = workhorse
N = not to be brought out of calmness
D = the head first makes the picture

This guestbook entry is my pure subjective opinion and is not meant to have general validity.

Dear Kristian, the photo shoot is a great enrichment for my life. I have rediscovered and learned to love myself and gained new self-confidence. I look back on an eventful day that you created so wonderfully. With your great studio and your kind manner, you created an atmosphere that made it easy for me, a rather shy person, to have such photos taken. These pictures show me in such a beautiful way how I was seen by you and I can't thank you enough for that. Best wishes from Passau and all the best!

I have been thinking about doing a nude shoot for a while. Finally I dared to do it. At the beginning I was afraid that the shooting could not take place as planned because of the current situation. Kristian could take away this fear with his nice and patient manner. When I arrived after my long journey, I was warmly welcomed and my nervousness was and my nervousness was gone relatively quickly. I have read a few guest posts here beforehand and it was confirmed. confirmed. The make-up artist really did a great job of styling me step by step. styled me according to my type. Afterwards I just thought, wow. I can't say say about it, because it was just great. After a tour, the how I imagined the shooting and the "basic rules" of posing. of posing, we already started. The first pictures were taken lingerie to start with, until it was time to continue without. Then the nervousness was completely gone. Every now and then there were breaks where we could have a little chat. They also wishes were catered for. The time flew by. Kristian was also very patient and humorous, even if I once again confused left with right. confused left with right. Then came the most beautiful and at the same time difficult part of the day, looking at the pictures. When I saw the photos, I thought "wow, that's me?". When I look at myself I always thought to myself "you look normal" and when I looked really and when I posed really unflatteringly, I always my "problem area, the belly". Kristian also told me that customer said to him "thank you for seeing me with your eyes". And I thank her for that too. During the photo selection, there were slowly fewer and fewer of them. In the first round, the ones where I didn't like the pose were sorted out. Then there were still 200 left. After that, the pictures that were similar to others were eliminated. That was the most difficult part. I mainly deleted pictures because they were similar poses and not because I didn't like them. I was glad that Kristian helped me with the final selection. The pictures were simply all beautiful, each in its own special way. In the end, there were a lot of different pictures left over, and I was eagerly waiting for them. The anticipation of seeing the final pictures was enormous. When they were there, I was just very very happy and proud. Since then I have looked at the pictures not just once, but several times. And again and again I am happy and just close to tears of happiness. Kristian puts so much time into image editing, especially when you consider that digital body painting can take an hour. He likes to change everything he can do and represent afterwards, so that you are really satisfied with your photos in the end. I haven't regretted the shooting for a second yet. I can only recommend it to every woman. When you notice how much time, patience,... Kristian invests in order to create wonderful pictures in the end. I am simply happy. I will enjoy these pictures for the rest of my life. No one can take these precious memories away from me and that is something to be proud of! 

For my 50th birthday, I gave myself a present. The best present I have ever received. A nude photo shoot! I consider myself very lucky to have taken this - for me - not easy step. But as so often in life, you just have to have a little courage and you will be surprised and rewarded. I wanted to have erotic photos of myself for a long time and always put it off - never, was the perfect time. Looking back, all doubts were superfluous. Kristian was sensitive to me and my needs and took wonderful photos of me, which I look at with joy and also with a little pride. I would never have thought that I would find so many photos beautiful. The day was a complete success, from the styling to looking at the photos. Many happy moments that I will definitely remember for a long time. I'm sure I'll remember for a long time and no one will take the photos away from me. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

My dear Kristian, I am sorry that I only now have time to review our wonderful photo shoot here. Here in France I didn't find what I was looking for for a long time and made a trip to you in Germany. It was it was all very worthwhile. You have a great talent and an eye for the beauty of women. It was a wonderful day that I will not forget. It was a lot of fun and you know exactly what you are doing. The photos are full of charm, creativity and grace. Chapeau! I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience and very special photos! Farewell! 

Dear Kristian, thank you very much for the Shooting and the great pictures that came out of it. It was for the first photo shoot for me and I came with curiosity but also excitement. With your friendly, approachable manner, your professionalism, the sense for the right moment and the attention to detail to detail, you have created wonderful images. I felt I felt extremely comfortable, had a lot of fun and, when I think back on it a smile on my face when I think back. Thank you so much for this!

I had my shoot in December 2019 with Kristian and it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the day Enjoyed it and felt completely at ease. Kristian listened to my wishes and and ideas and was very patient. I am totally happy with all the great pictures that were taken that day and I will and will remember the day with a smile for a long time. I can only recommend this experience. Thank you very much Kristian!

Dear Kristian, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the great photo shoot with you on 29 January 2020. It was a great experience for me to be able to experience your professionalism combined with your very friendly, human manner. At the beginning, I would never have thought that 10.11 hours would actually be needed. But they flew by and, from today's perspective, much too quickly. The warmth of the rooms, the conversations and your explanations gave me a sense of familiarity right from the start, which is also reflected in the pictures and as a result, impressive pictures were created.....unique, special...... Your personal style and way of expression are true art for me. You have proven every second that you are very successful with it nationally and internationally. I am very grateful that I was allowed to have this experience. What also impressed me was your commitment to the fundraising project you initiated: photo art for the "DKMS - we beat blood cancer", respect. I wish you all the best for the future and continued success. Kind regards Kerstin 

​This special day in the studio has a lasting effect! You feel like reading a beautiful novel that you can read through without interruption: at first you have a vague you have a vague sense of anticipation, you prepare yourself to enter an unknown unknown event and enters the scenery. It is warm and everything is prepared, you immediately feel welcome and at ease. One gets to know very pleasant and interesting characters and a protagonist, who seems to effortlessly understand how to involve you in the not only to involve you in the plot, but to turn you into the main character to ennoble you as the main character. Only interrupted by necessary pauses do you enter the role with increasing curiosity, which on the one hand you create yourself, but on the other hand is so pleasantly souffled and arranged that it is easy to become completely involved. Without hesitation, without bias and without disturbing everyday life. Somewhat sad that the story has to end but filled with beautiful impressions and thoughts, one returns to the usual reality and is happy that the beautiful pictures prove that it was not just a novel one was immersed in after all ...

Dear Kristian, what I have seen so far of the photos of your project appeals to me just as much as the one in Berlin, and I am also glad that you have made it possible in such an open-minded country on the other side of the pond. Anything else would be an extreme pity and unworthy of your work. In any case, each of these pictures, although belonging to a series, is unique in idea, expression and effect. I hope that you will continue to confront us with them and that we will be able to follow this unique journey and action. 

​Reiner and Erika
Dear Lucy, your description published here description of your work and your experiences with one of the current of his field confirm very well my personal impressions impressions I got during two conversations with Kristian in Berlin. in Berlin. He is not only professionally so competent, as all his pictures prove, but also an but also an extremely pleasant partner with whom one can work well and harmoniously. and harmonious, in whose company one feels spontaneously at ease. spontaneously feel at ease. Of course I wanted to get to the bottom of his weakness and asked him why he doesn't do men's nudes. His answer was as honest and revealing as his portrayals: He is better with He is better with women. That did not seem surprising to me, it it seemed familiar to me. Your work with him in New York has produced exciting and very varied results. I only know only a few of them, but I can already confirm that, and I am and I am very happy to be able to share my enthusiasm for nude photography for nude photography as well as for feminine grace and expressiveness. your adventure. 

​Luca Modele
Dear Kristian, you wrote to me asking if I would like to go to New York with you and I couldn't believe it. It was supposed to be Nude in public. New pictures for your calendar project Mutspenden, with which you raise money for charity every year. And I definitely had to be brave, but every bit of courage was worth it. So that I could get an impression of you and your work, you invited me to your vernissage for the calendar nude in public in Berlin. My first impression from talking to you on the phone was confirmed right away and I went with you without hesitation. You are a really great photographer, your heart is in the right place, you are funny and an excellent travel companion. Your research for the trip was great. We definitely found the coolest spots! You were super professional throughout the trip and always catered to my needs. We walked many km each day through Manhattan and Brooklyn and made memories for a lifetime. Our pictures are unique! Even security cameras, cops and patrol cars didn't stop us. We were a team and a pretty good one at that. The time flew by and now that we are back home I can only really grasp what we experienced. Thank you for this unforgettable time, for your friendship and also for our artwork. I look forward to seeing you again when we present our calendar next year. Until then, I wish you many great shoots! I can only recommend this collaboration to every woman who wants unique pictures of herself. It doesn't matter if you are a model or not, because you are an artist! 

Dear readers, I was lucky enough to get a shooting incl. styling as a gift from my husband - a great idea! Of course, he asked me beforehand if I could imagine it and I was delighted to agree - I always wanted to do something like that. To be honest, I always had a 2-3 hour shoot with some regular photographer in mind - well, it definitely didn't turn out that way now. From my point of view, this shoot is the very exceptional offer - in no way comparable to a few half-naked snapshots in front of some studio screen between application and family photos. Even the preparation is exciting, as soon as you are booked you get a page with recommendations on how you should behave beforehand - my favourite example is not to wear any cutting clothes. Sure, the cuffs pinch - logical, but would I have thought of that on my own? All in all, it's a professional start, and even as a layperson you feel taken by the hand and guided. Provided you can read... ;o) In our long and relaxed preliminary meeting after a super styling, we were able to get to know each other first. Kristian is interested in who is sitting opposite him with what motives and stories. He himself convincingly explained how he came to this profession and that he is passionate about nude photography. There is nothing pornographic or even cheap about his presentation alone - which I think his pictures also make clear. We were able to talk in a super relaxed way about all kinds of pictures of him, his work, but also everyday things. Kristian is also very distant in his practical dealings, so I didn't feel uncomfortable for a second. Then it started - with a little model workshop (in his own words: "You don't have to remember all that yet, I'll point it out to you again in the situation when it becomes acute" - thank God!). And I have a little more of an idea of how my body can actually look photo-worthy! Great! After a few first shots, it's suddenly quite normal to walk stark naked through the studio and let yourself hang upside down from some props - yes, it's even really fun! And important for all the frostbite sufferers like me - it's actually not too cold in the huge hall! :-) Shots follow, alternating with long breaks in which you can actually slow down enough to let your mind and body relax - a very considerate concept and the day doesn't get long as a result. It actually felt almost like a little holiday, even if you are already exhausted at the end of course. Once the shoot is over, the big moment comes when you can actually see the first pictures on canvas - breathtaking! Not because I'm so beautiful now, but because Kristian knows how to showcase what is feminine and beautiful about me. The personal experience of looking at the pictures cannot be described here and has to be experienced by oneself. I can only recommend everyone to try it out. My conclusion: an unforgettable day immortalised in fantastic pictures that will surely accompany and delight me and my husband for many years to come. Given the perfection and longevity of such photographs, I think it is really worth the effort of a day and also the price if you can enjoy this way of documenting your own being. It can be a special, life-shaping experience to engage in this shoot, has opened the eyes of many before me to their own beauty and - as I said - was really really fun! A big THANK YOU to Kristian and all the girls who join me, a super experience! 

Dear Kristian, since I was with you in January, I see my body from a completely different angle. I can only repeat what everyone else here has already described several times: You live and love your work. You simply put every woman in the perfect light, no matter what flaws you think you have. With you, one immediately feels safe and quickly puts aside any initial inhibitions to show oneself naked. The resulting pictures are simply amazing! Of course, your relaxed and easy-going manner favours this enormously. If you, dear readers of these guestbook entries, even for a moment doubt that you would like to do such a nude shoot, then it's your own fault if you don't do it. This day is simply unforgettable. I personally think that you should have done something like this once in your life. The whole atmosphere with you, dear Kristian, is just super pleasant. Worth every experience. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for letting me experience this day with you, for letting me learn to love my body anew and for the photos that will forever be a great souvenir of this wonderful day. Thank you, thank you, thank you and please stay exactly as you are, a master of your craft. Best regards Anni! 

Dear Kristian, you are a master of your art and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to work with you for a day. It is a gift to be seen and photographed with your eyes. Such a shoot with you is time to feel good, pause and still, emotionally touching, exciting, enriching and magical. You are always very respectful and discreet, you are convinced of what you are doing and one can feel that your heart is in it. The woman has a meaning. I found it to be coherent all around.... from the beginning of the booking, your studio, you as a person, photographer and the pictures.... the best!!! I am completely in love with her and my self awareness has been sharpened. Thankeeee for this day! Best regards Conny                

Dear Kristian, thank you for this terrific and unforgettable shooting day: Everything was perfect, the scheduling, the great styling by the make-up artist, your impressive studio, our teamwork on the sets (flash batteries have no regard for artistic poses *laughs*), chill-communicative breaks and overwhelming results in pictures. You l(i)eve your work and radiate an ease that inspired me.With your easy-going, relaxed manner the hours flew by. I felt comfortable in my skin at every moment.Especially fascinating: I remained myself and yet discover myself completely new, because you show me from my most beautiful sides.My personal long-term effect after the shooting - upright posture, body tension and, of course: Phenomenal pictures of me that will remain forever - THANK YOU - I am "proud as punch" and am already looking forward to a sequel. Stay colourful, best regards, Sonja 

Dear Kristian,a little late but not too late I would like to thank you again for the interesting and fun day. It was really fun to shoot with you, because it is just relaxed. Of course, the result is also something to be proud of and the photos are beautiful and serve as a souvenir. I can only say that every woman should have such an experience for herself. And if you're wondering now, is being naked itself weird and what's the photographer like? I can only say no and super :-) Kristian is relaxed and after a short time you don't even notice that you are naked on the set. He explains the individual poses and of course shows you the results directly, so you get a different feeling for yourself. The make-up artist (optional) was also great and did a very nice make-up. All in all, it was a very nice day and the pictures turned out super nice too. To all women: Have the courage!                                        

Hello dear Kristian, the photo shoot with you is really great and I had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was relaxed and after the first few minutes of being naked I didn't mind being naked at all. A lot of great pictures were taken. I am very happy to have done this shoot and I am just happy about it.To all the women who are wondering if such a photo shoot is worth it, I say "YES!" It is really super fun and you have a great memory and very beautiful, stylish and aesthetic pictures of yourself. If you don't have any shooting experience, don't worry. Kristian explains the individual poses and knows exactly how to set the scene. I also recommend booking the make-up artist. I was beautifully made up and my hair was styled wonderfully. Everything lasted until the end. Even after the wet shoot at the end, I only had to pat my face dry and it would still have been perfectly made up. All in all, a really great, fun day with a great end result. I received the first pictures already one day after the shooting (Friday, shooting on Thursday), the rest on Monday. I have already designed and commissioned my personal photo book and look forward to holding it in my hands soon. Thank you, Kristian, for this special experience. I have already recommended you to friends and acquaintances. Maybe we will see each other again in 10 years :-) All the best,Vanessa                                

Dear Kristian,that you are an excellent photographer in both senses of the word has already been attested to by people who are much more competent than I am in this respect. But I think I am entitled to describe you as a very likeable, intelligent and witty person. In the hours I spent in your studio, I felt comfortable and safe every minute. The atmosphere during the shoots (which were totally exciting for me because they were a new experience) can only be described as extremely relaxed and fun. By the way, I really had the sore muscles I had been promised for the next day. Well, what else can you expect with "no sport" 😉 (Sorry to all readers, inside joke). I also really enjoyed the conversations we had during the breaks. It was like the shoots, interesting, varied and relaxed. Thank you for the day and of course for the beautiful photos. Hi girls, if you have any concerns, get them out of the way now. I promise you, you won't regret it. The man is worth every euro. You can't believe how beautiful you are. And don't say "I'm not beautiful and I won't be in the photos either". Yes, you will! Have faith. Kristian can do it. You don't have to do much. Just do what he says. It's not hard. Anyone can do it. And always remember. No one will ever take these photos away from you. One day we will all be old, wrinkled and grey and it will really be too late. Some of you will think, "Oh, I wish I had taken these photos when I was younger. The other part of you will look at the photos and say "I'm glad I dared back then". Decide for yourself .... 

I don't even know how to begin. But that's how I felt when I went there. I asked myself, "What am I doing?" When I arrived at the door, Kristian opened the door to me warmly. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. Before the shooting began, Kristian showed me everything calmly. Through his sensitive manner, he took away my fear relatively quickly. The shooting was an experience I will never forget. :-) Every woman who is considering having nude pictures taken of herself should really only go to Kristian. Even if it takes longer to get an appointment. Believe me, it's worth the wait! When my husband saw the pictures, he was so overwhelmed. He said to me that he would never have thought that the pictures would be so beautiful. I myself am so happy that I decided to do this shoot! I laughed a lot that day and felt completely at ease. The next day my muscles were aching, but it was all worth it. I myself look at the pictures with pride and can only say "thank you" to Kristian. In my eyes, you are the best photographer I have ever met! You really manage to put the women in the right light and bring out the best in us.P.S.: The pictures really turn out as great as in his picture gallery! It's really incredible! The hard part in the end is choosing which pictures not to take! Kristian, it would have been a shame if you had not taken your career as a photographer! It's obvious that you are passionate about your job                  

My nude shooting with Kristian was first and foremost for my husband !!! During the shooting, but especially looking at the pictures , I got to know myself from a new , from a different point of view ! From the point of view of my counterpart. This is a great unique experience.... Everything was perfect, you can you can already read in all the reviews. I could not find any negative I couldn't find a negative review.... I can recommend it to everyone. I encourage every individual to do it, not to try ......No do it !!!! So go! Every kilometre you cover is worth it. You don't need courage, everything goes by itself. Perfect posing, the perfect Perfect pose, the perfect posture - Kristian will support you with his experience. Every photo that you choose for yourself will fill you with pride but above all reward you with a strengthened attitude towards life. I would do it again any time... Thank you for everything Kristian. It is one of my 5 hottest experiences in my life :-) ...I will never forget it. Even if you can't remember all the models and women you've met. we who were allowed to get to know you, will never forget you ( I think I speak for many ....) Thank you......

I'm not really a person who is often at a loss for words or who finds it difficult to express thoughts and feelings in words - and yet I've been struggling for what feels like an eternity to find the right words to describe my shoot with Kristian Liebrand, because it's damn hard to find words that even come close to doing justice to my shooting experience with him and what the photos moved in me. ...maybe I'll just start exactly the same way as countless people before me have probably done: namely with how indescribably excited I was before the shoot! I am pretty much the complete opposite of and relaxed, and (unfortunately) I don't belong to the category of people who are category of person who is blessed with a healthy self-confidence and a complete and complete satisfaction with their bodies. No, since the day I signed up for the shoot, which I only decided to do after months of months of deliberation and after many nights of researching reputable nude serious nude photographers, I mutated more and more into a mental nervous wreck. a mental nervous wreck the closer the day of the shoot came. Even when Kristian asked me if it was as I had imagined it, I had to confess I had to honestly admit that I didn't really have an idea. because the thought of exposing myself in front of a complete stranger stranger, I panicked and couldn't think any further than that. think any further.  In this state, I drove to him and as I hesitantly reached for the entrance door of the studio, it opened and within seconds my pulse began to normalise, because in front of me stood a man whose calm, relaxed and at the same time professional manner suddenly calmed me down. What's more, I had the feeling that I already knew him and his studio - probably thanks to his very authentic internet presence. I think he noticed my excitement, because before the first photo I had plenty of opportunity to calm down in a very friendly and relaxed conversation in an absolute feel-good atmosphere in the foyer and during a tour of the studio. The rest of my excitement was gone after about the 3rd photo and after I think the 3rd shooting set he even had to remind me that I had forgotten my bathrobe on set! (...you remember my nervous bundle description?) I think a loss of nervousness could hardly be demonstrated more impressively! Kristian built up the sets very carefully - I don't know whether intentionally or subconsciously, but he knew perfectly how to choose the right locations and poses at the right moment, so that I never felt overwhelmed, uncomfortable or helpless at any time. He always made me feel that I set the pace and that we had all the time in the world. This calmness and freedom from any stress not only completely relieved my tension, but pretty soon I started to enjoy the shoot and the whole day to the fullest! I was looking forward to the next poses and soon couldn't wait for the next sets!Still, he didn't even let it get to the point where I could run out of steam, because we took a break after each set, which was very nice and pleasant every time due to relaxed conversations - and although sometimes I didn't feel like taking a break at all, these meant that it never became exhausting and the fun was maintained. In this way, the hours flew by and when I suddenly realised that it was already evening, I could hardly believe it! One very important point that had caused me quite a headache beforehand was the almost insurmountable question in my mind of how I should pose? Following his advice, I had looked at many pictures beforehand (most of them in his homepage gallery) and, frankly, this didn't exactly ease my nervousness, because I was afraid that I would never be able to come up with such poses on my own, that I wouldn't be able to do it at all and that the pitiful attempt would look completely stupid! However, the very first photo showed that this fear was completely unfounded. fear was completely unfounded, as he gave me precise instructions on how to how I should position myself/ stretch/ lie down/ hold my hands and feet. hands and feet. In addition, he deliberately chose the angle of the shot for every single the angle of the shot and always set the correct exposure exposure beforehand (including a test photo to make sure everything really fits). Still he always showed me the photos he had just taken directly on his camera, so that I quickly realised that he would never take a photo that would never take a photo that would make me look unflattering. unflattering. On the contrary, through all his precise instructions, different photographic perspectives and exposures, it flashed through my mind through my head every time he showed me photos in between: What, that's ME? Totally impossible, where did he suddenly get the pictures of this model?! The rainwater shoot followed at the very end (logical, who would want to be photographed as a soaked panda afterwards?!). I was looking forward to the rain set the most! ...it was the most exhausting of all, but damn was it worth all the effort when I look at these incredible photos now! Apart from that, I was able to relax immediately afterwards with a hot shower and then had the well-deserved pleasure of looking at the photos of the entire day (which had gone by far too quickly!) on a big screen in complete peace and quiet (and of course FINALLY with chocolate after weeks of abstinence from chocolate!) The perfect end to a perfect day! ...and these photos cannot be described with words. The shots of each set are beautiful in their own way, have their own expression and convey a very individual mood: from artfully acrobatic, to erotic, sexy and ...simply magical, enchanting and fascinating, all the time accompanied by the overwhelming and at the same time disbelieving thought: that is actually me! Kristian has achieved something with his photography that I would never have thought possible and has moved me so much inside with his art that it has totally blown me away, because through this shooting I feel beautiful, strong and very proud of myself. His pictures hold a mirror in front of your eyes that shows you how you have never seen yourself before and this new view of yourself gives you a lot of strength in everyday situations. I am so happy that I decided to do this shoot, I would even go so far as to say that it was possibly one of the best decisions I ever made, because these pictures will stay with me forever. I am also very happy to have met such a great person and photographer, who is always guaranteed to put us women in the right light, in the truest sense of the word, to bring out the very best in us. In this sense, I can warmly advise every woman to muster up the courage for this shoot, because you will be rewarded with photos and a new attitude to life that is simply priceless!      

Dear ladies, if you are thinking about doing a nude shoot nude shoot, then throw all your doubts, reservations or possibly even fears or even fears and make an appointment with Kristian - you will never Kristian - you will never regret it! On the contrary: the studio studio is almost inexhaustible in sets, working with Kristian is very professional professional and relaxed - the initial nervousness quickly fades away time flies by and at the end you will have a little sore muscles ;-) a little sore muscles ;-) phenomenal images that really change your own view of yourself and will make you extremely proud! extremely proud! Thank you Kristian!                      

Dear Kristian, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great day day and the breathtaking pictures you took of me! you took of me! Even though I came to you with very high expectations, you managed expectations, you have managed to exceed them by far. surpass them by far. You are not only a stunningly good photographer, but also a great but also a great person who puts his heart and soul into his work. and with whom one always feels in good hands, whether with or without without clothes. I will still enjoy looking at the pictures in many years to come. years from now. This was definitely not my last shooting with you. We will definitely meet again next year. I am already looking forward to it I am already looking forward to it. Until then all the best, Maria

An experience that "woman" will not forget! First of all, I would like to say to those who are still undecided: "Have the courage! You will be thrilled. I promise! At the beginning of the shooting day and also the night before I was totally nervous and would never have thought that I would be so relaxed and above all have so much fun during the day. And I have Kristian to thank for that in the first place! Due to his easy-going and natural manner, the nervousness passes quite quickly and you don't feel uncomfortable for a moment. With or without clothes ;-) Okay, it took me a little while but after the shooting started and I saw the first pictures on the camera I was much more relaxed. And when Kristian made the couch collapse during the demonstration of a pose, the ice was completely broken and any nervousness finally disappeared :-D The following hours were just great! There were always little breaks between the different sets, which made the whole day just totally relaxed. It was like a time-out from everyday life, which is then rewarded at the end of the day with simply unbelievably great photos. A memory for eternity that you will always enjoy! When I left the studio in the evening, I felt 10 cm taller because I was so proud of myself and because the day was so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Kristian, at this point once again 1000 thanks from the bottom of my heart!!! You simply make me feel really comfortable in my own skin and at the end of the day I see myself with completely different eyes! Conclusion: I would do it again at any time :-D Best regards and all the best, Christina 

What more can I say... Everything that has been written here so far is true!!! Even though I could hardly imagine it myself beforehand.... It was a super great day, without stress, without clock.... Kristian really explains every pose, nothing can go wrong :D It goes without saying that the photos turned out absolutely amazing:) I was a bit speechless during the shooting, because you can't believe that you can look like that! Forget about being naked, the "worst" thing is the selection of the photos! Of course, there were many more than planned.... When you walk around with a permanent grin on your face and want to show everyone the pictures, it's really worth every penny! If anyone can do it, it's Kristian! Apart from the fact that he is a totally nice, cool and professional guy. MANY THANKS again for everything, I'm already thinking about whether you'll hear from me again next year :) 

I say THANK YOU. It is a wonderful feeling to leave your photo studio with a glow and a whole new erotic body perception. But to still have the feeling after a few weeks that it was the best decision to come to you is indescribable! THANK YOU for a continuous feeling of happiness and a whole lot of new sexy self-confidence. 

My shooting with Kristian is now 2 days ago and still the impressions and the pictures are very present and I notice that my body feeling has changed - I walk and stand differently and I perceive myself much more as a woman than before!...Kristian has a wonderful gift to look into the soul and to bring out the best in you for really awesome photos!!!! He worked in a highly professional way and at the same time manages to make you feel as if you were with a friend "around the corner" - The day will remain unforgettable for me and the photos we took I will look at again and again...it really took my husband's breath away :) I can only advise every woman who wants to do a nude shoot: Please really ONLY with Kristian!!!! You are in wonderful hands there! Kristian really explains every pose to you and if it is necessary, he also "performs" it :) For me it was a unique, wonderful day! Thank you, Kristian, also for the quick processing of the photos... I sincerely wish you continued fun with your work and of course continued success. Best regards, Martina 

Forget it! Forget about even considering choosing a photographer other than Kristian for your photos! Why? He doesn't just take photos. He has the incredible gift of really 'recognising' you, because he works not only with the camera, but above all with his heart. The fact that he has made his great passion his profession is noticeable in every moment and in every shot. In his studio you allow yourself a complete day off, without a clock, without disturbing influences. Kristian works absolutely professionally and nudity quickly becomes the norm here. The fact that you also get to spend some quality time with a really great person is just the icing on the cake. THANK YOU for this great experience, Kristian! 

A photo shooting day with Kristian means physical exertion, a relaxed and fun atmosphere, decision-making diversity with so many different backgrounds and variations, competent guidance and advice from the first photo to the selection of the desired images and much more. This moment alone, when you look at the unedited pictures and just think 'old shit, that's really me' cannot be adequately put into words. Thank you for changing the way I look at myself.... For getting to know and love a new, different side. It's really worth every muscle ache, every kilometre and every euro!

Dear Kristian, now I finally get to my guestbook entry. I was looking for a new photographer in November for a nice Christmas present to my beloved. I didn't want to have pictures taken by a photographer who didn't know how to take beautiful nude pictures. After a long search, I came across Kristian's site. I was immediately in love and wanted an appointment as soon as possible. Kristian is not only an incredibly nice and professional forographer, he is the best you can book in Germany. His awesome location alone is unique. At Christmas I handed over my present and my boyfriend was blown away, he loves every photo and already announced that he would be happy about some new pictures in the future :) so Kristian until then all the best and we will see you in Villtau.
good luck and see you Villt at a shooting in New York... P.S.: Don't be afraid of being naked, don't worry if he's worth it, don't worry if you're too young or too old for it, Kristian is great and he will take the pictures of your life. 

While researching for a nude photographer, I came across Kristian's website and was immediately impressed by his photos. Now that I was able to enjoy a shoot myself, what the photos express has been confirmed ... namely 100% professionalism, creativity, feel for the situation and the person. Kristian manages to take away any nervousness and shyness from a woman in front of the camera, to motivate her and to always keep the necessary distance. His feeling for the moment, the light and the posing are impressive - his photos become works of art. Pre and "in-between" conversations, his easy-going and personable nature lead to a relaxed, almost warm-hearted atmosphere. Beyond that, the studio is a blast ... just great! Kristian as a person and photographer has inspired me - just like the result of "our" work, namely stunning dreamlike photos. The day as such and the photos are for me like a gift to consider. He managed to make this day unforgettable for me. My summary ... anytime again! Thank you very much, Kristian.

For a long time I have been following the work/art of Kristian and it was clear to me that I would not want such pictures of myself from any other photographer! That's why I also took 250km on myself and was full of anticipation for the day! I was styled in such a way that I felt beautiful and yet natural (a big thank you to the stylist)! It started in the morning with a long, open and super nice get-to-know-you session...not get undressed right away and go now, but relax, drink water and come down :-) At NO TIME during the shoot did I feel NACKT and uncomfortable. Kristian gives you the feeling that he is talking to a clothed woman and in between there were always breaks that you could loosen your body. Muscle ache the next few days is pre-programmed, but it's worth it, because from some poses arise images that you would never have expected so. From time to time I saw pictures of myself and every time I was TALKLESS with excitement. IT WAS AND IS THE BEST DECISION and I can only recommend it to every woman to dare this step. Kristian managed with his camera to accept me and to LOVE me as I am. I felt my body and felt so HAPPY and SEXY that now even in hindsight I think my body is beautiful! I can't thank you enough and wish you continued "happiness" for your personal and professional future :-)

A brilliant day. Kristian is able to take away your shyness and nervousness, and in return gives you a whole new look at yourself and your own body. I am happy that I did the shoot. Thank you for the day!!!!!

Dear Kristian, thank you for a great day! It was my first shooting and I was a bit nervous, but through your relaxed and friendly manner I felt directly comfortable and in good hands. After a short time, the mood was so relaxed, as if we knew each other forever :-) Through your assistance and tips, I quickly got a sense of what was important and was able to implement your poses, which led to phenomenal photos!!! Thank you so much for putting me in the best light photographically and thus improving my own view of my body many times over. It definitely helped my self-confidence reach new heights ;-) Your studio is awesome and it's hard to decide which set to choose - there's really nothing left to be desired here.... I would like and will love to come back and try more sets! Every woman should be photographed by you - a work of art is the guaranteed result. 

Dear Kristian, I would also like to thank you again very much for the \"both\" days with you...yes, also the first day was more than exciting;-) The photos turned out great, although I actually did not worry about that in advance. Rather, they were really great days, which is not least due to your very natural, symatic and relaxed manner. It was fun to try out new things and to let yourself be staged by you really great. The new studio offers so many varied sets, I would have liked to try out many more. I wish every woman to be able to experience such a day with you and in front of your camera....es
is something very special! Thank you so much for this! I enjoy again and again on the new hammer images! 

Hello dear Kristian, now it is already a good year ago that we have shot together. I'm sorry that my report comes so late. Now to the shooting. I signed up for the free shooting and was insanely lucky to fit into your picture idea at the time. The feedback came very quickly and from the first moment I had not once a bad or uneasy feeling. Quite the opposite, I was very pleased. Relatively quickly, the date was set and I was on my way. My first impression of Kristian was very sympathetic. We went to the studio and first discussed the contract, I had time to look at everything. After that we discussed what he had in mind and how the process would be. It was the first time I stood in front of a camera and I was a little nervous, especially because it was completely without clothes. But after I got undressed and we took the first pictures, my excitement went away and at some point it felt normal. Not least because Kristian was so professional about it. I didn't have to worry about how I was standing or what I was doing with my hands. He gave me instructions which I then only had to follow. And the pictures made some pictures that were also private for me, we went then his project. It was fun to implement ideas together and see the results. He understands how to stage pictures with the right light insanely beautiful. I felt very comfortable and not at all tense. Kristian is very serious and you can tell right away. I have to smile when I think of the following situation: I was standing in an awkward position where I couldn't move my arms much because of the photo. And a strand of hair fell into my face. Before he even came near me he asked me if he could take it out of my face. And that's exactly what I meant, you feel very comfortable in his presence, with or without clothes. As he approaches you with professional distance and respect. Personally, I would only take pictures with Kristian now, even if I wanted private photos again. He is with every picture with 100% at the thing and if you get involved and work with him you have relatively quickly incredibly great pictures. Thanks again Kristian for that! I still look at the pictures regularly and can still hardly believe it :) Best regards Julia 

Dear Kristian, how I would have loved to accept the invitation to come and see your new studio.... Unfortunately it did not work out this time. The first shooting with you is now almost a year ago and I am still thrilled. In the meantime I had my breasts operated and as soon as the scars are ok, I would like to have more pictures... :-) I am very excited about your new studio and I wish you you for today a successful opening and for the future soooo much success! soooo much success! Best regards Daniela 

Dear Kristian. \"THE or none.\" That was my my first thought, when I was looking for the right photographer. through your photo gallery. My very precise ideas and wishes in a few minutes during the get-to-know-you conversation. and exceeded my expectations by far. Surprised afterwards, I was surprised to find out that you offer a full-body workout including first-class muscle ache in addition - that is not on your website ;) It felt like the most normal thing in the world to pose on a piano, on the floor and in a cold, dirty basement, dirty basement or to carry a couch around with you stark naked. to carry a couch with you through the area. With the right amount of closeness and distance, fun and rigor, work and relaxation, you guided me through this special day. day. Your images are balm for the soul. Thank you and I am already looking forward to 2018. See you soon, Jenny.

Dear Kristian, through your very well structured and informative website no questions remained unanswered or let's say almost none. The only question I had was, "when do you have an appointment free", and it was 2 days ago. I felt comfortable from start to finish and it was really fun. Even though you may not have heard more than an \"aha\" or \"oohh\" from me. I was just speechless by the pictures showing a beautiful woman. A thank you also to Kira. Thank you again for MY day and also for letting me see through your eyes.    

Over a week ago I had my shooting appointment at the studio. And after an intensive search until today I still could not find any criticism, I now probably can not avoid the hymn of praise :-) So then: About the shooting itself I can only say: The whole day, the atmosphere, the preparation, the process, etc. were exciting and yet relaxed; funny but also serious; relaxed and yet professional. In short: the perfect feel-good mixture! Therefore: a huge praise to you, dear Kristian for so much discretion and especially for the informality with which you do your work. Your enthusiasm is intoxicating and makes any remaining doubts or worries simply disappear. Hats off to this - both professionally and humanly - fascinating performance and thank you for the new experience that I would not want to miss! Oh...and the pictures :-)? Of course the madness! I am overjoyed and look forward to it every day like crazy! I will of course recommend you at every opportunity that presents itself! All the best and continued success! Barbara

I am really thrilled. For me as a trained photographer it was not so easy to find a studio that meets my needs, but with Kristian I have done everything right. Woman feels the whole time in good hands. Of course, like every woman I thought at the beginning "oh god, naked in front of a stranger" but I promise you that after the first pose everything is great. I felt very well taken care of and also not a second naked. Thank you very much again. The day was not only great fun but also relaxing in the quiet atmosphere and on top of that really hammer images were created. Kristian just knows how to also clearly represent the sexy side of a woman and properly set the scene.                    

How can I describe it in simple words. Indescribable! Even 2 days after the shooting I am still like under power . I think very fondly of this beautiful and very eventful day. Kristian took away all my nervousness, had many ideas and showed me how beautiful I can look. The pictures totally blew me away, I love to look at them and I am always surprised that it is me who is there. I would love to have more photos taken immediately ;) They are not "just simple" nudes, they are pure fascination. nude photos, it is pure fascination. The best decision I could make to realize my dream through him! Thank you!

So... I don't think there are enough words to describe what Kristian does. It is simply art... high quality art. As a photographer he is very professional, has a lot of ideas and at the same time he makes the best of my own ideas. It was my first photo shoot but Kristian made me feel like we have known each other for 5 years :) Recommend 100% thank you, it was a great experience and I would be very happy to see him again. 

From \"mhmm\" to \"very awesome\" Kristian managed to get a \"very geil\" out of a hypothermic Nordi like me during the day as a spontaneous comment to the pictures. :-) The day was really a lot of fun and the photos turned out at least as great and beautiful as the ones in his gallery here. In a nutshell: -very professional -very relaxed and easy-going atmosphere -He absolutely knows what he's doing and makes every woman appear in the literal best light I got directly desire for more shootings and can recommend Kristian to every woman who wants to have beautiful pictures of themselves.

Hello Kristian I am at a loss for words for the first time! The day with you was incredible, I never thought that the photos you will take of me will be so stunning, so erotic, sexy and yet so damn sensual and what is most important very very stylish. I have zero modeling experience knew no pose-you showed me every single one and thus took away any fear and nervousness after the first pictures! You are very discreet so despite being naked I didn't feel naked for a second. I can't thank you enough. Also for your patience with me when I had a laughing fit again. Stay as you are! We will definitely meet again and I'm looking forward to it! All the best and see you soon Dearest greetings Janine 

Dear Kristian, what can you say?! Either you can do it, or you can't... And you can do it! Seriously, there are things in life that you can't learn. Sure - technical knowledge, theory and within certain limits also practice can be acquired. You can also learn Photoshop. But all this is of no use if you don't have it in your heart. With you and your pictures one notices that the passion for (nude) photography is in your blood. You can and should be very, very proud of yourself - at least as proud as I am of my pictures now. :-) I am very happy and could look at the pictures all day. As I told you before, I had my pictures taken by a photographer a few years ago. I was not happy with the result and one of them can be called an accident without exaggeration. Yesterday I sat here with friends and showed them the pictures. First the 0815 pictures from the photographer. The reactions all went in the direction: Well, it's quite ok - doesn't blow anyone away - but bad is something else... this one and that one turned out suuuper... we don't know what you have - you look great....... AND THEN CAME YOUR PICTURES!!! The wide open, excited and amazed eyes of my friends and the many WOW exclamations - priceless!!!! And that despite the fact that I also aged 8 years in between. :-) In direct comparison, you can see immediately how much room for improvement there is when such shots are made with heart and soul. Quote from my girlfriend: \"The guy has not only met your body super - the style also suits you much more!\" You have a great, refreshingly normal way to deal with your clients, kept the perfect balance between necessary closeness and professional distance and simply made brilliant pictures. I didn't feel at all uncomfortable in any second. Even when retouching the pictures you found a flattering but not exaggerated measure. And although you are well aware of your skills, you kept a sympathetic manner and the necessary grounding. Respect! Unfortunately, your homepage is missing a crucial safety hint, which I would like to add here: Kristian's pictures have a high addiction potential and lead to repetitive actions! Thanks for everything and see you soon for sure! Daniela

Little natural talent?
Dear Kristian, that you are so successful with what you do is no wonder. If you approach a task with so much joy, passion and the corresponding perfectionism, you can only win. You have won not only the success, but the joy and a priceless glow of probably every woman who was with you to a shooting. Even I could not get out of the beaming and was looking forward like a little girl to the finished works of art! I would love to show them to the whole world and say: \\\"look at this, this is me" but I can just about hold myself back. It was an incredibly great captivating day! Thank you so much for this :) 

Dear Kristian, by this way once again a big thank you for the great shooting and the dreamlike photos taken on this day. It is really nice to see yourself from a completely different perspective. The pictures are very erotic and extremely aesthetic. Not only my husband was totally thrilled when he saw the photos, but also my family and friends who got a glimpse were speechless. After I reported about the extraordinary day with you, about your highly professional manner and the huge fun I had during the shooting, some friends have now lost their shyness to make an appointment with you. For the day with you, a long journey is worthwhile and I have not regretted the journey from Munich for a second. I look at the photos again and again with pleasure and am happy like a little snow king! You certainly didn't get me in front of the camera for the first and last time :-). Many love greetings, Manuela

Hello Kristian. I wanted to thank you again for the photo shooting last year. The photos are just great. The shooting was just great and professional. My friend, who got them for the 7-year anniversary, was totaaaaaaaaaaal excited about the photos. >> to recommend :-) Thanks again.

Hello Kristian! Thanks again for the great photo shoot the week before last! The day was super fun and you created a great, relaxed atmosphere with your professional, open, friendly and enthusiastic manner! It's easy to see that your work is your passion and you can see that in the result. I am at least 150% satisfied with the shots ;) Good luck with your upcoming projects and maybe see you sometime. Best regards from the Netherlands!

Dear Kristian, I think there is no question that you take great photos. But at least as nice as the photographic results was the day of the shooting itself. Getting to know you, watching you do your highly professional work and being a part of it was a unique pleasure for me that I will definitely never forget. Even ladies who may not arrive at the shoot as deeply relaxed ;-) as I am, should have reached this status at the latest after the first shots. Great how you are so focused and professional, but at the same time with so much fun to work!!! Anyway, looking at my beautiful keepsakes, I will also remember that you spared no physical effort to visualize poses that were hard to explain. (And no, I did NOT laugh at YOU, why would I, given the fact that seconds later I was bending over the back of the sofa like a pretzel myself :D) In this sense - thank you for everything! 

Hi Kristian, I wanted to thank you for the great photo shoot. All my excitement and insecurities were blown away after the first photos. I'm glad I made the decision to have these photos taken. I am even happier that my choice fell on you as my photographer. The warm welcome and your manner during the shoot took away any self-doubt I had. And the pictures are great. I would have loved to take all the pictures with me. :-) I wish you continued success. 
Je te remercie de tout mon coeur pour cette expérience inoubliable et pour les photos magnifiques que tu as réalisées. Un fotoshoot avec toi est une expérience à ne pas manquer. Merci beaucoup. :-)

Uncertainty, stomach ache from excitement and the question if it was the right decision were transformed in 8 hours into a high that is so surely unique! Thank you, Kristian, for an extraordinary day, for your calm and professional manner and for brilliant photos! If anyone doubts if Kristian is the right guy for these special photos - YES, he is! And also every one of the 600 kilometers I drove for this was worth it!!! 

Hi Kristian, I wanted to thank you again for the great photo shoot. It was a very special day for me, because I was able to get rid of my self-doubt and I saw myself from a completely different side. I would never have thought that. I'm glad to have taken this step, and what's more, I made exactly the right choice with you! I was completely speechless, what great pictures you made. THANK YOU! It was totally fun. My respect! Best regards from Ute

For a long time I was looking for a professional and trustworthy photographer for nude photography to take aesthetic photos. At some point I landed on Kristian's homepage and was immediately impressed by the very high quality pictures. After a short consideration, I then signed up for a photo shoot... On the morning of the photo shoot, I was totally excited and thought on the way to the studio, what awaits me there... After the friendly welcome, Kristian showed me his studio and explained what awaits me that day. Shortly thereafter, the make-up artist came and has made the final touches (thanks again to Kira, the result was really great!!!). After the first photos, the nervousness was gone and the shooting was really fun. Kristian was reserved and professional during the whole time, so I felt very comfortable. In between, I was able to get a first glimpse of the pictures before the most difficult part came at the end of the day - which pictures do I take? With the amount of photos it is really difficult to make a selection, one would prefer to take all the pictures... The next day I already had the final version of the pictures and I was really speechless. Kristian has an eye for bringing out the best in every woman and I am very glad I chose this shoot. I will look at the photos with pride for the rest of my life! Kristian, also on this way again many, many thanks for this unforgettable experience! I wish you continued success! 

Dear Kristian, thank you so much for the beautiful photos and a very special day. After we looked at the photos at home on Saturday night, I am one hundred percent convinced that I did everything right. You are an absolute professional. As you know, we have been looking for a photographer for a long time and with you we found a perfect match. In a relaxed atmosphere we have worked together very well and it has resulted in something beautiful. I had a lot of fun. You also gave us the best advice on the selection of photos. Every photo is special and we wouldn't want to miss out on any of them.... It was a very special experience and has strengthened my self-confidence in relation to my body. Thank you very much and best regards, L.

Hi Kristian, it was such a great shoot with such a wonderful wonderful result...Thank you so much for that. The whole package is just right simply from consulting to choosing the photos. From your I was immediately enthusiastic about your self-designed homepage, because you openly openly give an insight into your work and one can see a lot of photos in which it is clear what your work looks like. In addition that you do so many different "scenes" in one shoot and that it takes longer Shoot and it lasts longer than with other photographers and so one has and so you have the opportunity to get many different photos. You are a very nice trustworthy person with whom I had fun right from the start fun and this became an unforgettable day. I fascinated by your way and your work, which is why I will definitely come again. come again. Thank you very much and best regards to a fantastic photographer and artist, Miriam

After I lost 19 kilos in 2012, it has long been my desire to have a professional photo shoot done, I thought, why not now!!! In addition, my boyfriend once expressed the desire to be happy about \"a\" erotic photo of me. So I decided for me to narrow down the whole photo shoot topic and book a nude photo shoot with all the begenbenheiten. Before I stumbled upon Kristian through the Google search engine, I had first inquired with another nude photographer. But I backed away from that, because he already adulated himself on the phone, how good he is, etc. He hardly let me get a word in edgewise, so I thought: Nope, that can't be it. Completely different with Kristian! He told me on the phone the short procedure (all details are well described on his homepage) without losing many words. I have made the personal experience over all the years: who understands his craft and knows it, does not need to put himself in the foreground with words or gestures. And this has also been confirmed with Kristian. A photographer who understands his craft. I trusted him immediately and although I have never done this before, had no inhibitions to undress. The pictures speak for themselves! My friend got for Christmas a photo book (even afterwards Kristian has still taken the time for tips etc, taken) a photo canvas, as well as a puzzle (as a gag) got as a gift. And got in the first minutes only one: Wow, Hammer, Geil, Wow out :))) Thanks Kristian ! Keep it up. Greetings Diana. 

Relatively clueless I started my photo shoot - a birthday present - with Kristian. With a friend in the appendix and various pieces of clothing in the luggage, we set off to Bocholt, without me knowing exactly what to expect. Kristians \"Merkzettel\" I had read, but was still in the car quite sure: I take off me in no case completely! That's not me, that doesn't look like me, I look too fat...etc. Kristian is able to strike a relaxed but authoritative tone, in which his professionalism and many years of experience are expressed, but the photo subject is still given the feeling that it is not about \"completing the booked performance\", but he is interested in showing the woman how beautiful and sexy she is! This has broken the ice and my insecurity very quickly. Even if I sometimes could not believe in the first moment that this is me in the picture, the pictures were very overwhelming for me personally. And I can only agree with the ladies who wrote before me: Balm for the soul and your own body sensation! A really impressive day... with a lot of body tension, laughter and new insights about myself! Thank you Kristian!

hey Kristian, Preliminary....It is not so easy for me to put everything I want to put into words. Am still totally flashed by the awesome pictures. My shooting respectively my pictures should be a birthday present for my boyfriend. By a stupid coincidence, he unfortunately got wind of my idea, and knew in advance what I would give him :-( The amazement and enthusiasm when browsing through the photo book were nevertheless unique. He had I just already painted in his mind, as the pictures might look -halt so 0815 moderately just ! But what he saw then, he was totally blown away! Thank you for the unforgettable day!!! There are many things in the life of a woman that you must have done once.... One of them, in my opinion, is to have your picture taken. Not only because of the memory, but also because you gain so much more confidence and self-esteem from the shoot. Looking in the mirror now I can proudly say: \" I am sexy and I know it\". Thanks for introducing me to my sexy self :-) Best regards Judith


Kristian is an artist. He understands how to reconcile his high standards of aesthetics, technique and his individual artistic design as a photographer with the wishes of his female clients. After a long research I have decided for a photo shoot in his studio. The high level of professionalism fascinated me from the beginning. All the pictures tell a story and seem highly poetic. You can hardly take your eyes off them. Kristian works precisely and has an eye for detail. Not like other photographers he shoots many photos in the shortest time, hoping to catch a good subject. He waits for the right moment and captures the perfect moment. He gives the model very good instructions and tips on how to take the desired pose and perfect it. His calm manner gives you a good feeling. I was quickly able to get rid of my initial nervousness and fully engage in the intimate shooting. The long get-to-know-you conversation helped me a lot to get involved in the shoot. I had the chance to get to know Kristian as a photographer, as an artist, but also personally. The fact that he took a lot of time to listen to my (motif) wishes and to find out which person is actually sitting in front of him makes him and his work even more authentic and enjoyable. I thank you very much for a unique, exciting, exhausting, but also wonderful day with many new impressions and experiences. The crowning glory of all this are of course the expressive and extremely aesthetic and tasteful nude photos, in which I recognize myself and  (despite all self-criticism in everyday life) find pretty. Kudos to a great artist!!! Thank you!!!

Whoever is looking for an excellent photographer, Kristian is the right choice! I have been looking for a photographer for years, who does not just take standard pictures, but has the right eye for aesthetics, art and eroticism in a very individual way. Kristian takes beautiful pictures, realizes your own wishes and has great ideas himself, so that in the end the choice is extremely difficult. Whether dreamy, erotic, artistic-creative or all together. The pictures are versatile and lively, which is also made possible by the large number of well-chosen props on site. And who is undecided because of the price, I can only say, quality always has its price. Kristian's pictures are worth every single penny!

Dear Kristian, even two photo shoots now I have a whole photo album full of photos that you usually only see in glossy magazines. Just two months ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be featured in such photos myself. The fascinating thing about the pictures is that no two are alike and each one tells its own story and/or presents a different perspective. All the harder is the agony of choice, when you have to decide at the end of the shooting day from 100s of photos, which come into the shortlist. You would love to take all of them!!! Looking back, I can only give every woman an absolute recommendation to be photographed by you. Even someone who has doubts about being naked in front of a camera will quickly lose any thought of being unclothed due to your calm professional manner. Also the fear that you can not pose properly in front of the camera is absolutely superfluous. Your instructions for each individual photo were really very precise and easy to implement. If necessary, you have also demonstrated it yourself ;-) During the shooting you do not notice it yet, but in the days after it is to be expected in any case with proper muscle ache!!! But you gladly accept that, because the more strenuous the pose, the more expressive the image. I would definitely work with you again and again and would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the great experience and of course every single great photo!!!!!

Hi Kristian, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the great pictures. The shooting was fun and it was a real experience, even if I felt one or the other muscle in my body well the next day. I am very happy about the very special pictures and will certainly have a lot of fun with them for a long time. All the best and much success for your further professional (and of course also private) career. Best regards, Eva

Hi Kristian, I would like to thank you again for the great shooting last week! I felt completely comfortable and had a lot of fun - and actually never had the feeling of being naked ;o) You did a great job. The photos are the hammer - that can not possibly be me! You are a magician!!! :o) We will definitely see each other again. Many greetings

I went to Kristian for a reference shoot. Of course I had no idea what to expect, just let myself be surprised and then had a great day. For the first time in a photo studio, undressed in front of a camera lens, and mibekommen how such great pictures are created. Kristian is a professional in
otherwise it wouldn't be possible to hold the camera, control the light, tell the model what to do (he also likes to do the pose himself if words don't work), and still smile and make everything look easy. And you get something out of it several times: two days of sore muscles, a slightly different view of your own body, and photos that you'll enjoy looking at for years and decades to come. Thank you, dear Kristian, for this great experience and for beautiful pictures!

Hi Kristian, that was a great shooting with you today. Your ideas, prof. work and your very sympathetic nice way made the shooting absolutely unique. I will gladly go to your studio again anytime! :) Greeting, Kim 

Dear Kristian. The photos are 1000 times better than I could have ever dreamed!!! I am super happy! Thank you very much for this great experience and the even much better result! Many love greetings J. 

Petra M.
Hi Kristian, my photo shoot was just great. Like all the women before me, I can only confirm that you feel good all around. The relaxed conversation beforehand had already taken away my nervousness. After a short time, I no longer worried about the fact that I was naked. It was just normal and relaxed. I can only recommend it to every woman who plays with this thought. My friend who accompanied me was also overwhelmed by this photo shoot. I wish you continued success. Maybe I was also not the last time with you! Thank you again.

I am also a "repeat offender" and must say: sensational! It was again an extraordinary experience, through the outdoor shooting this time combined with a touch of adventure ... And out came again insanely beautiful pictures! Great work!!! 

Hello Kristian, unfortunately it took a while with my entry. Photoshooting from 15.08.2012 It was a very impressive day for me and my husband, who accompanied me. You have a great talent to respond to one and take away the uncertainty. At your photo shoot one feels as if it were the most normal thing in the world to have nude photos taken of oneself. Every time I look at the pictures the question really comes up: \"Is that me?\" I have taken a lot with me from this day, which I would not want to miss. I can only agree with the entries in your guestbook. Each entry reflects a wonderful unforgettable day, I can only confirm that. I, too, will definitely be a repeat offender. We are still catching up on the photos that we unfortunately could not make. That then after my 50 !! and thank you, my self-confidence you have strengthened many times over. Love greetings and keep up the good work and THANK YOU. 

Wow, what a day! I applied for a reference photo shoot and got to experience the feeling of being a model for a day. Kristian is a really talented photographer. He was able to inspire me immediately with his great and extraordinary ideas. Now I know how it feels to hop through a beautiful yellow flowering mustard field and be painted on like a true work of art. In a funny and relaxed atmosphere Kristian taught me the basics of modeling and showed me with his talent for photography how beautiful I am. The question "This is really me?" have probably already asked many women amazed. Through the shooting with Kristian, I was able to experience an exciting day that I will not soon forget. In addition to the beautiful pictures, he gave me an extra portion of self-confidence. Many thanks for that! 

Dear Kristian, the photo shoot with you on 01.08. was just an absolute hit:-) I just put together a beautiful album as a gift for my partner and I'm still thrilled how gorgeous the photos turned out! Already the professional styling by Elke was very relaxed and gave me a good feeling for the upcoming shooting. The relaxed way in which you explain the procedures and poses is just super pleasant and your occasional demonstrations are funny and helpful at the same time:-). Thus you create in no time an atmosphere in which one feels comfortable and quickly forgets his nervousness! When you showed me the first pictures in between, I could hardly believe the result! Even where the poses weren't that easy, everything looks very loose and relaxed in the photos - perfect!!! The many different options you offer in your studio are sensational and bring super much variety and fun. Whether noble on the leather sofa, sporty in the wheel and on the cube, nostalgic with old piano, seductive in the hayloft, totally \"dirty\" in the basement, with wet sprayed skin or bedded on rose petals - everything was just fantastic and was brilliantly staged by you! It was a very exciting and perfect day with you, which I will definitely never forget!!! \"Unfortunately" the photos were so beautiful and erotic that it was extremely difficult for me to sort out some, I would have loved to take them all! In any case, I can only tell you that I have never owned soooo beautiful photos of me and for that again a very big thank you to you! :-) 

Kirsten W.
Repeat offender! Why I let myself be photographed by Kristian a 2nd time at the age of almost 47....? His professionalism, creativity, tact, help and support in the right places speak for him and work wonders. Not least the beautiful erotic photos as a result of an exciting, eventful day. He understands how to put the women in the \"right\" light and to take away the nervousness by his looseness. Important for me in the choice of a suitable photo studio was also the undisturbed and quiet without disturbances by telephone or other customers and specializing in this demanding type of photography. Again, thank you very much for this beautiful day with the super nice pictures. 

I can only agree with the previous posts.... Got the photo shoot as a gift from my husband.At first moment I thought,nude photographer ? Bin 52 J.But then I am curious to Bocholt driven. After a great styling (thanks Elke) we started...initially only wanted to make lingerie photos, but after the first shots I dared and then let make nude photos...when Kristian showed me the first pictures, I thought: WOW, that's me? He knows how to show the woman from her most beautiful side,...Would have loved to take ( almost ) all the photos..have just ordered together with my husband a photo on canvas.Can really recommend it to ALL women !!!! 

Hi Kristian! After I had a few days to recover from the photo shoot ;), I would like to thank you again for an absolutely exciting, pleasant and also a bit exhausting ;) day with you and to thank you. I can only recommend anyone who wants to have sensual and erotic photos at the highest level to contact you. You do it absolutely great and in the end you have pictures of yourself, which you look at again and again with pleasure and always with a bit of astonishment about yourself. All the fears that probably keeps a large part of women from doing a nude photo shoot, you wipe off the table immediately with your uncomplicated, relaxed and funny manner and one feels only comfortable and everything runs naturally. Your flair for the situation, a little compliment in the right place let the shooting become a great experience that I would like to repeat sometime. Thanks again to you! 

Thanks again for the shooting in the industrial ruin.... ...it was cold, it was dirty, it was spooky and adventurous.... in short: it was SENSATIONAL From the first contact to the sending of the pictures everything was uncomplicated and very pleasant. The result is \"the hammer\" (quote from a viewer :-)). I myself enjoy very much these \"preciousnesses\". This was not my last photo shoot with you ! (hopefully this is not a threat) 

Hey Kristian! Once again many, many thanks for this super-beautiful-exciting-experiencing day! It was really the hammer ... I really did not know what to expect or better said how I would line up there but I would not have thought that with me already after the first conversation and the first photos the uncertainty and the restraint would evaporate so quickly! But you managed to break the ice completely through the relaxed and fun atmosphere and afterwards it was really almost \"natural\" to copy the poses or follow your instructions! It was great! The hardest part of the whole shoot was choosing the photos you really wanted to have- do some people really manage to stay at 15??? ;) And of course it was incredible to see yourself SO on a canvas! Thank you thank you!!! I would really recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about having such beautiful photos taken of themselves - and I will certainly do it again sometime! :) 
Hay Kristian, The shoot was just awesome!
:) :) At first I was excited and did not know what to expect, but through your calm professional manner I could quickly gain confidence, which is very important for a shooting as I find. You were very well prepared and had super many ideas, which I could already imagine more. During the shoot you created a relaxed atmosphere, gave good instructions and made me laugh through your expressive pre-turned poses ;) :P The results speak for themselves, great photos and super photographer:) LG Eva

Hi Kristian,many, many thanks for the great shooting yesterday!!! I can only recommend to every woman who plays with the idea to treat herself to something like this to go to you. Through your sympathetic and professional manner, you took away my initial nervousness and my worries that I can't take great photos with my figure very quickly. I didn't need all the lingerie I had packed because I thought I wouldn't dare show myself completely naked. You manage with your kind to quickly create a familiar and pleasant atmosphere in which one just feels comfortable and can let go. Your instructions were super easy to understand and have made the whole thing very easy for me. (And otherwise you have been busy pre-gymnastics. ;) ) The many possibilities in your studio are really great and the combination of your ideas (basement) and my ideas (ropes) I really liked. There are really no wishes left open. All in all, it was just a wonderful day that was a lot of fun (despite - or because of? - the noise the furniture makes ;) ) and gave me a whole new, very nice perspective on my body and increased my self-esteem tremendously. Many thanks also to Kira, who made my start into the day also very pleasant with the nice conversation and great styling and also already took away a lot of nervousness. I am already looking forward to the CD and will probably besiege the mailbox tomorrow. Many love greetings, Sabine

Kristian, it was again an experience! I was very exhausted after almost 8 hours of shooting, although you always took a break at the right moment, but now I would love to take new photos again. Was again a very pleasant working with you. Looking forward to when I get the pictures (and my husband will be happy)! Get in touch if you need a model again :-) 

Hi Kristian. It was a great, beautiful, fun and exciting experience for me. Through your calm, professional and friendly manner you gave me a day I will certainly not forget. Wonderful pictures were taken. So women with fat rolls, cellulite or other blemishes, have no fear and dare. You will also be put in scene so that simply always beautiful photos come out. A happy thank you to you Kristian, that was really great.

Dear Kristian, The photo shoot with you was an unforgettable day that was a lot of fun and the end result were pictures of me that I would never have dared to dream of! You managed to take away my excitement and fear, guided me professionally and perfectly through the shoot, positioned me ideally and put me in the scene!!!! You took brilliant pictures of me! Now I keep sitting in front of the photos and thinking "that's me" ?!!? You have exceeded all my expectations by far! Herewith again a big thank you and a huge praise! I can only recommend to all girls who also have this desire to go to you, no matter where from, no matter how far! It is worth it! Thank you very much for this wonderful day! 

Thanks to you, dear Kristian, I had one of the most interesting and exciting days of my life. For a long time I intended to face the \"challenge\" of a nude photo shooting. With you, the total package was convincing - first on the the homepage and then even more so in reality: an extremely relaxed atmosphere, super beautiful sets with endless possibilities, clear, professional and yet very sensitive instructions during the shoot, the trained eye of an expert for all the details, the openness to my wishes and last but not least an amazing result. Never would I have believed that at the end of the day I would be sitting in front of a huge collection of super beautiful photos - photos of me!!! I still can't really believe how great you made me look. I'm infinitely glad I took on the 1200 km drive. Every meter was worth it! Shortly before the "big day" I had become a little afraid of my own courage. But now I am happy that I stayed true to my motto "No Risk No Fun". This day and the photos have motivated me to do more for myself and my body, they have stroked my ego and my soul. For that I thank you, Kristian, very much! And to all the undecided ones I can only advise: Don't miss out on a photo shoot like this. It is not only exciting and special, but also a lot of fun. However, maybe one more thing: Caution - There is danger of addiction!!! :-)

Oriental beauty: was the motto of our second shoot. This shooting was also absolutely positive. You had once again many new ideas and were perfectly prepared. You can only be recommended as a photographer.....quiet and pleasant to work with you. More than positive! Simply terrific - many great shots, great atmosphere, super assistance and suggestions and you pay attention even to the smallest detail! Simply to recommend,
very very very dear person! The next Shoot can start ;-) SIMPLY BOMBE!!! Thank you very much for everything - greetings and THUMBS UP! Am very excited about further results! 

Hello Kristian, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the pleasant, absolutely relaxed and simply great day with you in the studio. From the beginning I felt very comfortable and you can see that on the photos, which are just incredibly beautiful. I can't decide which one is my absolute favorite, and neither can my husband ;-) Every woman who plays with the idea of doing a nude photo shoot should definitely come to you in the studio. And I will definitely become a "repeat offender" again, many kind regards Nadine 

It was a great day!!! First I was excited, as probably everyone before such a shooting. I have been thinking for a long time to be photographed in underwear or naked, but never found the right photographer. Then I found Kristian ;) The date was quickly found and the preparations started. On the 4th of january it was time. With my best friend in tow, we set off. The greeting, the styling and the preparatory conversation were relaxed and fun. My nervousness was getting less and less. Sure, at the beginning I also thought to myself: Oh my God how embarrassing!!! But since I started completely in my underwear, I had a bit of security. Kristian showed me how I had to sit down, which contributed to the general amusement. :) I then tried to imitate everything correctly, even if you feel a bit funny because you sit uncomfortably, or contort yourself. When I then saw the first results on the camera, I was thrilled!!!! And then it really took off. I was relaxed and having fun.It was a beautiful day, and Kristian exceeded all my expectations!!!!The photos turned out so incredibly gorgeous. I never expected to be posed so beautifully. Thank you so much for a great day :) 

Sarah (29)
Hello Kristian! First of all, I wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones.
And now to my photo shoot in November: For a long time I had already thought about booking a shoot at some point - but always with a lot of
skepticism. For one thing, I was afraid of not choosing the right photographer. It was clear to me that the next photo store next door would probably not be the right choice, because nude photography must be approached somewhat differently than portrait photography. On the other hand, I am always very critical of myself. Like certainly many others, I do not feel particularly photogenic, photos of me usually always seem rather stiff and posed - just totally unnatural. Well, my boyfriend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him a very special gift. So I started to research on the Internet for nude photographers and came pretty quickly on VISIBLE. The appointment with you was quickly found and in November it was then so far. I still remember, in the week before I paid scrupulous attention to every pimple, every bruise, etc.. And as it happens, I also got one or the other pimple, bruise, etc. before the shooting. But no matter, the shooting was booked, there was no turning back. Even the greeting was totally relaxed, but of course I was still super excited. In conversation with you I realized pretty quickly that the basis was right and the day can only be great. You did not disappoint me at all - much more: you absolutely exceeded my expectations! It was sensational!!! Your ideas to put me in the right scene were ingenious. You showed me poses that felt strange at first, but the result was incredible and very important: the woman in the photos was still ME. Not only was the gift for my boyfriend a very special one, but for me it was a unique experience with myself and my body. It gave me a really big portion of self-confidence. Thanks for that! You are really a great photographer :-))))))). Maybe we'll see each other again.... 

Hello Kristian! First of all I would like to make an appeal: Girls, if you are planning to take the photos of your life, book Kristian. Not every nude photographer has this professional approach, this eye for detail. Props you would never think of using for a photo - simply awesome. Shielded from prying eyes, every woman can relax and enjoy the photo shoot. It all started with an idea from him, a model who did not appear for the photo shoot and my unsolicited application. He quickly realized that I also have the potential to be great in the scene. So I jumped in for the model at short notice - as \"Laie\"!!! I have never done anything like this before in my life. I had no idea what was expected of me, let alone what was coming. But Kristian knows how to deal with such a \"problem". He calmly showed me all the poses - I just had to try to implement them. This relaxed atmosphere took away my nervousness very quickly and from picture to picture it was more and more fun to pose in front of the camera. After the few shots we looked at the first results and I was thrilled. No standard photos, no ordinary disgusting photos - everything sexy and esthetic! Each photo has become a small work of art. Even my initially critical husband is blown away. I can still be proud of these photos in many, many years. They are soooo great - I really have a lot of fun with them. Dear Kristian- thank you very much for your patience, your
professionalism and creative ideas. You are great! I will be happy to work with you again (if you like). Thanks again! 

Last week, after many years of searching for the RIGHT studio, a dream came true for me. And at the latest after I saw the first photos during the shooting, I knew the long wait was worth it. Here you get no mass processing or \"Standardposen\";-),
but a shooting tailored to you and your type with such a variety of possibilities, which is probably unique and so large that you can not even try them all during one day! So happy!!! Would have loved to continue the next day and the next and the next... ;-) Love from my photo cloud, on which I still float! 

Once again a huge thank you to Kristian for these beautiful, breathtaking photos and this unforgettable day! I never believed I would ever get such great photos of myself, but Kristian was able to fulfill this wish I had for many years! The shoot was exhausting, due to a lot of not everyday poses, but it was a lot of fun! His studio is just insane, I don't think anywhere else a studio can offer you such a great selection of backdrops! In addition, Kristian has a lot of ideas ready, where I was always very skeptical at first, but the photos still became a real eye-catcher! :) I can only recommend this shooting to every woman, it's a great feeling to look at these beautiful pictures at the end, the choice is really hard! ;) About small blemishes you really do not need to worry here, because he already knows how to hide with every pose choice skillfully! :) Thanks for these photos! ... that was certainly not my last shooting!  

First of all I would like to thank Kristian for the great results. Amazingly, Kristian was able to take away my fear and nervousness already during the initial conversation about my photo wishes, so that I could start the photo shoot very relaxed. It became easier and easier to position myself advantageously and according to Kristian's words and already while looking at the pictures on the camera I was amazed how expressive the pictures are without needing much experience and good body. Everything that disturbs you in everyday life disappears in Kristian's 4 walls whereby the photos never lose their naturalness. In addition to the good eye to highlight the advantages of a woman and capture them in a photo, I was also very excited about the location. Where else can I find such a large selection of props, which normally only real models with experience are allowed to use? I almost felt like a princess=) This resulted in expressive and artistic pictures that I will still be proud of in 30 years and that will remind me of the fun and unforgettable day. So: I can only recommend everyone to book this shooting! You will feel like a princess, because it will be YOUR day!

Thank you so much for the great day! I can only recommend everyone to book the shooting. Kristian immediately takes away your nervousness with his nice manner and professionalism. You don't have to think about your own appearance, whether you might not look good enough, because your own assets are well staged. The result is really something to be proud of. I'm glad I took part in the shooting and am really excited the photos!!! Would do it again anytime :) Thanks again!

First of all I would like to advise everyone to book the Shootig! It was a great day with unforgettable beautiful photos! A very big praise also goes to Marén, the stylist. Can only recommend everyone to book the styling. She understands how to highlight the advantages of each woman. Now about the shooting: the nervousness had
actually already after the first conversation, and at the latest after the first photos. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the studio at all times. No one needs to worry that the belly is too fat, or anything else does not correspond to the ideal. The shyness and doubts are taken away immediately. Very nice! I don't think you'll find the variety of sets with any other photographer. Also the ideas and the implementation of Kristian are just great. And it will be sensational photos! It is really hard not to take all the photos. I would have loved to choose all of them. So, my conclusion: book, book, book!!! It will be a great unforgettable day! 

Thank you so much for the exceptionally beautiful photos! It was a very exciting and thrilling day, which I ultimately enjoyed very much despite my initial extreme insecurity and nervousness! The nervousness was actually already gone after the first conversation and the insecurity, as I probably look on such
pictures, has then also quickly settled from photo to photo! I felt completely comfortable throughout the day and am really thrilled with the result! The studio offers very extraordinary possibilities and that then combined with the creativity to put the body so artfully in scene, you will not find anywhere else! I would do it again and again and have come to exactly the right photographer! Professional, patient!!! (in case the "arms and legs sorting" takes a little longer ;-)) and very sympathetic!

Hand on heart! Too fat, too thin, too big, too small, too many spider bites and only the orange peel skin. Too... That's what a woman thinks when she looks in the mirror. But Kristian understands to let all the small Zuzus appear in a particularly beautiful light. It was a sooo great day in the studio. Makes actually really want to do more of it! ;-)) Would do that again and again, even if my sore muscles the next day strongly reminded me that I should probably urgently do sports. Thanks for the great photos!

Hello, thank you for this incredible day, I am so glad that I finally dared and the pictures prove that it was a very good decision to come to you. I felt very comfortable with you from the first second and would do it again and again. Thank you very much! 

Hello to all the doubters! Have the courage! In Kristian you have found a photographer who will make you forget your nervousness relatively quickly, works absolutely professionally, will conjure up super beautiful shots of you and individually responds to your wishes and ideas. I was sooo excited before my shoot, and then- after a tour of the studio, my successful styling, a preliminary discussion of the pictures, some general modeling tips and Kristian's practical demonstration of the poses ;) - I was able to shed my shyness relatively quickly and really enjoyed my unique shoot! The enthusiasm of my husband about my erotic pictures in the XL- photo book has of course still fully rewarded me! :) Simply perfect! Thank you Kristian! 

Hello Kristian, I would like to thank you again for one of my most beautiful experiences!!! It was really fantastic. From me we would have hung another 8 hrs on it. The time just flew by too fast. And honestly? No trace of sore muscles. I am very surprised, but I have also kept to the preparations ;-). I would do it all again at any time. It was a lot of fun! Thank you very much for this, for the great shooting and the very very pleasant atmosphere!!! I felt very comfortable and the excitement and nervousness you have taken me quickly. Never would I have expected that you get such great photos of me. But I guess you just have to get to the right photographer and I absolutely am here. I've heard many stories from friends who have also had something like this done, but with other photographers, but never were they as happy and convinced as I am!!!! The long wait and the long way totally paid off. I can only recommend everyone to have their pictures taken here! What you get here with you, you get nowhere else!!! Simply dreamlike!!! Perfect!!! Love greetings, Jenny 

Thank you so much, for the great shoot, for your tireless efforts! It was a lot of fun. A beautiful, unforgettable experience. The pictures turned out very nice!

thank you kristian for the wonderful experience! the shooting was really great, it was so much fun, even if it was a lot of work :) the pictures turned out beautiful! thank you 

This day was just great. I was able to work with a great team! Kristian as a photographer you can only wish! He has great ideas and I would always work with him again! It was constantly provided for my well-being be it with blankets, food, delicious coffee and cookies enough breaks and to recharge my batteries! I am very enthusiastic about the pictures and can recommend Kristian to everyone with a clear conscience! Very very best regards!:)

Hello Kristian, a dream has come true for me. Finally I dared to do it and I am simply overwhelmed by the result. Your way has been great and I felt, even completely naked, very comfortable with you. The great photos are the result of a great day with you and your very professional work. Thank you again and I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to be photographed by you again. Many greetings and see you soon. Petra 

Hello Kristian With your nature and your way of photographing you take away any shyness and fear. The laughter was not too short;-) The photos are the hammer and so with counts this day to one of the most beautiful in my life Actually, this day with no words to describe, and how proud I am now also still in your gallery to be the Toppt yes probably everything. I know only one thing that was certainly not the last shot with you. Can not thank you enough GG.L Bax 

Hey Kristian! Thank you for this wonderful day. I felt completely comfortable and the photos are just incredibly beautiful. The photos are a testament to a lot of great ideas and their implementation. You are super professional, have a respectful distance and still manage to create a nice and personal atmosphere. It's very easy to follow your ideas and implement your instructions. Even if the demonstration causes the one or other laugh, it helps enormously - especially if you have never been professionally photographed yourself. I will definitely recommend you to others. I also haven't found any photos in various galleries on the internet that are as stylish and variedly beautiful. My partner was completely blown away. I am very proud of my pictures and happy to have dared. It was a super great experience. Thank you very much 

The shooting with Kristian was just amazing! It was so much fun and the result is overwhelming, my husband's eyes will fall out of his head ;-) I can only recommend every woman to have this experience once. And with someone who knows his job. Kristian is a very pleasant person with an easy-going and affable manner, while working in a very professional and focused manner, even after hours. He pays a lot of attention to details and sometimes demands challenging poses from you so that the result is really optimal. The backdrops are so versatile that there is something for everyone. You are really offered something. And for refreshment in between there is a lot of chocolate :-). The make-up artist also did a great job. An all-around successful day. I would like to repeat UNCONDITIONALLY. So girls, on to Bocholt! 

Hi Kristian, thank you for the great photo shoot! My initial nervousness was quickly dispelled by the relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, and it was just crazy fun to implement your ideas ... In the end, the day went by incredibly fast and the result is more than worth seeing. I was quite surprised to be so "photogenic" and my husband was really blown away by the photos! Thank you so much for an unforgettable day!!! 

Hello Kristian, I would like to thank you very much for this great photo shoot with you. The pictures have become fantastically beautiful. It's a good thing I didn't back out. It was a great experience, even at 46 years old. I felt very comfortable with you. Many, many THANKS. LG Br...

A MUST for every woman! He is actually able to make a beautiful swan out of an ugly duckling! The inhibitions are taken away very quickly and it is an exciting photo shoot. I can only recommend it to every woman!!!!!!! Best regards and continued success.  

Very great creative photos, finally someone who understands nude photography, there is nothing more reminiscent of the "porn area". Extravagant u totally versatile, beautiful shots

Hello Kristian, thank you again for this great, unforgettable and eventful day. I felt totally comfortable with you, which is of course also due to your sympathetic charisma. The shooting was a lot of fun and the time flew by. The pictures are all fantastically beautiful, am totally thrilled. You can tell that you do your work with love and passion. My husband was blown away by the photos, especially the shots in the basement (everyone else, of course). I can only recommend you. I am sure that this was not the last time we met for a shoot. Thank you very much for the great photos, which also left me speechless ;-) Very best regards Francisca 

Hi Kristian, I would like to thank you again for the wonderful photo shoot. It was really super pleasant and the first shyness was gone pretty quickly, you are just super professional and the result will certainly "blow" my fiancé as a wedding gift. I am very grateful for the idea with the photos in the basement, they look great. Also for the implementation of my own ideas (bridal photos). I will certainly come back to you regarding the factory shooting - that really excites me. You are really the only photographer around here who offers so many individual possibilities of nude and lingerie photography with all the different accessories and ideas. Thank you very much for "my" day. Best regards Kathrin 

Hello Kristian, thank you very much for the perfect, eventful day, on which I was surprised full of positive impressions and creative ideas from you, the excitement flew away in no time and there are dreamlike beautiful pictures! I can only confirm that it is really a lot of fun to work with you and you have an extraordinary eye for the essentials and the right perspectives! If I should have nude photos taken by me again, then I know for sure, YOU will be the photographer!!! I would love to come right back :-) Best regards Karin 

Kristian is a very professional photographer. He has visions that I love to be a part of. It's fun, but also hard work to create perfect images and I enjoy working with him immensely. Kristian I can't wait to work with you again...you and Sandra are just awesome.... And thanks to the creative team.... See you next time... Kussie xx shelly 

Andrea C.
Hi Kristian, I don't even know where to start. Best at the beginning....many weeks ago I decided to do a photo shoot with you. A long cherished dream of mine, once to have such pictures of me. So I had a lot of time to think about it, and build up my excitement. So it was, the night before the appointment I hardly slept, and the trip was anything but relaxed. A whole suitcase full of lingerie in tow....because, the option to let me completely naked photographed was not really in the room. What happened next was unbelievable. I could have left the suitcase at home. It was just a wonderful day and an experience that seeks its equal. Even today, one day later, I am still filled with feelings of happiness and a completely new feeling for me and my body. THANK YOU for this perfect day. The pictures turned out wonderful. I think I will look at them every day for the next few days (weeks) and ask myself...is this really me?!!?! You really have a gift for bringing out the positive in a woman. I definitely have my personal "Playmate of a lifetime" pictures.....and I am full of pride. After just a few minutes I felt completely free, everything was so natural...my shyness was blown away. UNBELIEVABLE :-) So on this way again a very big thank you to you. And to all those who are snooping around here....Ladys just dare, it's a hammer experience, enrichment for life and definitely an increase in self-esteem...in every respect. LG Andrea (Alias "Playmate of life" *jepp*) )

Hello Kristian! Thank you for the great collaboration on the Adiamo calendar. I think it was a great result and we are very much looking forward to the event on 22.01.11 at Adiamo. Many greetings and see you soon! Nadine, Adiamo Oberhausen

Hi Kristian, thank you very much for the great day and the great support. The photos are really great :-) Of course I will appear on the publication of the calendar. See you then - Many love greetings

Hi Kristian, the shooting with you was great. You are young, dynamic, absolutely relaxed and full of ideas. The planning and execution of the shooting worked out great. The result is also impressive. I would be happy if we see each other again for a shooting. Best regards

Kristian has a super talent, an eye for a good light and of course the feeling for a banger of picture.... I enjoyed not only the shooting with you but also everything around it. Patiently waited for the visas and your super arts.... Simply a dream of location and shooting. Thank you so much for choosing me for your project I am very very happy.... See you next time... xx shelly

Hi Kristian, thank you for the great shooting. It was fun to work with you, as everything was very professional and yet relaxed. It will certainly not be the last pictures you have taken of me;-). I can only recommend you to others.best regards from Düsseldorf,Sonja

Hello Kristian, many thanks for the successful shots of me. It was a great day with an excellent result. The service with you was really perfect. I can only recommend you and say THANK YOU again. VG from Erkrath 

I successfully completed an order together with Kristian. The cooperation worked out great. Kristian knows exactly what he wants. Works routinely, and has many ideas for posing, location, etc.. He is young and dynamic, working with him is fun - is anything but boring. Kristian is to be recommended as a photographer!!! lg. Leony 

Hey Kristian, the shooting was a great experience with super pictures for "my life". The nervousness was gone really fast, thanks to the nice atmosphere and of course your easy going, friendly way. So, thanks for the time, patience, your guidance and of course for the greatest pictures of me - the sore muscles were worth it! Greetings 

Hello Kristian! Thanks again for the great photo shoot.the pictures have become super great. You provided a relaxed atmosphere, so it was really pleasant to do the photos with you. I can only recommend everyone to book a shoot with you!!! Best regards from Oberhausen, Silke 

hello kristian! thank you for the exciting and beautiful day, the pictures are really great. a big thank you for your effort, patience and humor. if you are looking for someone to make photos I'm happy to help you. love from bottrop , susanne

Hello Kristian! Thank you for the wonderful, great and fun day!!! =) (here also a thank you to the hair salon!) I felt very comfortable from the beginning and am glad to have taken the long way! Even if it was all pretty exhausting, it was 100% worth it and I still got a little roll strengthening from you, thank you! So dear florist, decorator, hairdresser, Vorturner, lingerie consultant, pink cloud factory, stylist and designer but especially photographer;) :D , thank you for the great photos!!!! 

Hello, I just wanted to say that it was very pleasant to "work" with you. You managed to make me feel comfortable and lose my nervousness after a very short time. What I would never have thought...it was fun and the photos really turned out insanely good!!!My husband was also thrilled with the pictures. Best regards 

That was just a beautiful day! I really liked everything and felt 100% comfortable. We made super cool pictures and had a lot of fun. The mood was great! You are a professional and serious photographer who knows what he is doing. It was very pleasant to work with you! Thank you!=) And I am looking forward
to the pictures. LG Alona 

Hi Kristian!!! The CD arrived well and the pictures are really mega beautiful!!! The photo book is already ordered :) Will definitely recommend you!!! Thanks again! Have a nice sunday, Christina 

Hi Kristian, thanks again for the shooting. I couldn't have chosen a better photographer and I'm glad I chose you. You made it so that after a short time I was no longer nervous and I would never have thought that I could look like this. Simply Wow. I can only recommend to every woman. Best regards 

The photos are beautiful. I would never have thought that I can look so pretty and so aesthetically erotic. My boyfriend and my girlfriends were completely thrilled and I am very proud of my pictures. I am very happy that I had the photos done with you and would do it again anytime. Thank you for everything!

Hi Kristian, I read the guestbook carefully, most of the things I want to say are already said; so first of all THANK YOU for this wonderful day; I float today still, after almost 2 weeks, on a cloud ( of pink feathers :-) ) I would not have thought it possible that I feel during the shooting feel sooooo well ( from the beginning - ), my fears a few days before the appointment were gone from the first moment and I could the time with you just enjoy - I will not forget this wonderful day day ....... the photos turned out just great - even though I have far exceeded the 40, you have managed to put me in a "fantastic light". fantastic light "to move ......... so you women over 40 ......... dare, it's worth it !!! 

Wow... the videoclip is really great thanks for this again.... and you get a great insight about the process of a shooting.... great:-) anytime again :-) lg gabriella

Hello Kristian! Thank you very much again for the great shooting. It was super much fun and the pictures are really the hammer. It's amazing what you can do with a woman! I can recommend you! 

Hi Kristian, I would like to take this opportunity again for the great day and the great photos with you. It's unbelievable how you manage to build up trust in such a short time. build up trust, so that one has no problems to let go. to let go. The shooting was a lot of fun for me and the many possibilities possibilities and the pleasant atmosphere in your studio are unique. studio are unique. You manage, even if one does not have a perfect figure, to show the most beautiful side of a woman. The styling I can I can also recommend the styling to everyone, as you would probably never get it so as beautiful. Best regards Jessica

Hi Kristian, thank you first of all for this super great shoot. This gift for my husband has really blown him away he has has not recognized me at first so great is the expression on the pictures. You have shown the best sides of a woman, which one can capture with a camera camera can capture and that creates only a professional like you.I have me the whole day felt very comfortable in your studio and you have made it managed that you just let yourself fall which is not easy for a beginner for a beginner like me is not easy, because you do not undress every day in front of a man. I can only recommend to every woman to do such a shoot, I would Shooting times to make, I would do it again immediately. So dare you and thank you Kristian, many beautiful Shootings still
wishes Daniela 

In short, the outdoor shooting was really the hammer, it was so much fun to make this great experience for life in such a and lovely atmosphere, so I can only recommend it to everyone! recommend it to everyone ! It was just so much fun, to be photographed in such unusual places, that I was able to overcome my initial concerns and excitement can no longer understand. I thank you very much for everything and I will always remember all this with pleasure remember and would do it again and again:) love greetings 

Hi Kristian... the pictures turned out so great. The absolute madness... the shooting was so much fun.... even if it was exhausting :-) but the reward for this can be seen in the gallery.... Thanks for everything. Would do it again in a heartbeat.... You teased every facet I have out of me...and the 330 km distance was worth every km to me...thank you! love 

Hello Kristian! Thank you very much again for the super pleasant photo shoot. That was really a super experience that I would not want to miss. The 200 km journey was really worth it. The diversity of the shots, your ideas and your professionalism are really impressive. The initial nervousness was already gone after a few minutes. I will definitely recommend you to others. 

Hi Kristian, the shooting with you was balm for the soul, I feel so good and comfortable in my body as never before and the pictures are just amazing. Every woman should have experienced this once and even if it is a lot of money, here every cent is well invested! A big compliment to your person, you manage, with just the right mix of professional distance and sympathy, to make one feel good very quickly. In addition, your work is characterized by the good atmosphere, great music, passion and joy in what you do and an insane amount of different backdrops, backgrounds and motifs. Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience and I wish all women still coming to you similar experiences. LG Julia 

Elischeba (Mrs. Germany 2009) 
Hello Kristian, Thank you for the pleasant shooting yesterday. I am already looking forward to giving the sexy photo book to my dear sweetheart. You are a very pleasant and tactful person, and you are also very concerned about the well-being of your models and customers. By this I mean, for example: the studio is warm enough, there is a wide selection of drinks and snacks, you discuss the photo wishes in advance in peace and you set up short breathers. Well, you need them for some poses (smile). It's funny when you dump out your boxes: whether feathers or flowers - you have a wide selection of props. I was impressed walking through your studio. My goodness, I've been modeling for 12 years, however I've rarely seen such a wide range of locations. Hay hut, luxury suite with bathtub or fabric swing. Speaking of swings - the picture of me will be printed on a canvas and will go nice and big in our little bedroom. Phew...it turned out beautiful! Only the chemical glutamate sauce did not get me yesterday - too bad that the colleague cook from the Asia snack can not cook as well as you photograph. "Sweet and sour" can be high quality and delicious, but yesterday the variant upset my stomach a bit. Best regards to Bocholt from Elischeba presenter, model, copywriter and Mrs. Germany 2009

Kirsten W.
I felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun.
Kristian is a very nice and sympathetic man. Thanks to his professionalism and the pleasant atmosphere, the initial nervousness was quickly forgotten. I would do it again at any time. The photos are just beautiful - erotic and aesthetic! Booking the makeup as well was a good idea. Thank you u LG

Hi Kristian, the shooting was a dream. The pictures are a dream. That this should be me, I still can not really understand. My self-esteem has increased by 100%. Thank you so much. You made me feel positive right from the start. The comfortable atmosphere and your professionalism and creativity were impressive. Anyone thinking about a shoot should go to you. By the way, my husband was very enthusiastic ;-)

Hello, despite initial nervousness, the photo shoot was a complete success. Thanks to the cozy, but also professional atmosphere it was not difficult to relax, and the photos are really gorgeous! I can only recommend to everyone. So thanks again to you Kristian, also from my boyfriend, who finds the pictures
"really hot". :) Best regards 

hello to all, i can only say good things about the shooting with kristian. despite the initial nervousness, kristian didn't let it impress him and always gave me a good talking to. with a successful result. the photos turned out super good and i'm glad i dared. the whole thing was a great experience and I would recommend everyone to go to kristian even without a comparison to have. the möglickeit to be done next door at monique is great and easy. otherwise I can still say, even in retrospect I feel very comfortable with the photos. thank you!

hey kristian, i don't know where to start, the shooting yesterday was so much fun (always a pleasure) and of the result and the cooperation with you one can only tell positive things. so many creative ideas and with you as a photographer it's just a lot of fun. i'm glad i did it and am excited about the beautiful photos. keep on taking such beautiful pictures.... greetings

Hi, I was there too, unfortunately I do not have many words, the shooting has left me virtually speechless! It is highly recommended here, so who has ever thought about a shooting is here on the right page ! You have to
experience it yourself ;) Also a big thank you to Monique!

Dear Kristian, yesterday's shooting was simply amazing. You exceeded my expectations a thousand times over. I am still floating on a cloud ;-) I felt really comfortable from the first moment. Thank you so much for these stunning photos. This was an unforgettable experience and one of the coolest and
most beautiful things I have experienced so far!!! Love Linda 

Hi! It was a great experience today! Many, many thanks for the unique experience. It was a lot of fun and the photos are awesome! I am already looking forward to the CD. I can also only advise all girls to treat themselves to something like this. With such a nice photographer it will be a perfect day. Dare you! Love

Dear Kristian! Yesterday's shooting is stored in my memory as an unforgettable experience and the biggest thank you goes to you at this point! I felt extremely comfortable and in good hands during the entire shoot. The photos are a feast for the eyes and extremely aesthetic. Posing with a 2.30m
Tiger python to pose has cost overcoming, but not much ;-) finally you are rewarded with beautiful photos. 1000 thanks again, I would do it again any time! 

Hi Kristian, thank you so much for the unforgettable experience and the first class pictures you conjured up. The shoot was super fun and far exceeded my expectations. The factory location was awesome; a unique, exciting experience. I am thrilled and proud of the unexpectedly good result and can only recommend every woman to work with you. Thanks for the great surprise moments, the first class collaboration and the super beautiful pictures. :-) Best regards Lissy 

Hello Kristian, thank you very much for this unique experience. At the beginning I was still excited and nervous, but that settled quickly. You are great to work with! The pictures are also super beautiful, I'm already looking forward to the CD :) I can only recommend you to anyone who wants to fulfill a special wish.

The photo book for my husband was a successful gift! At least as successful the gift I made myself with this experience and the result. Professional in style and work! Thank you, Kristian. 

Hello Kristian, thank you very much for the great photos.They are really great become simply special and individual.You are super on my wishes and suggestions. I look forward to the next pictures!!!!Liebe greetings and until

Dear Kristian, I would like to thank you again for our photo shoot. It was super fun, exciting, thrilling and above all a great experience!!! I'm already looking forward to the photos and would definitely like to work with you again anytime..Also to Mrs. Nowark and Marén again many thanks for the great work and the super nice day!!!! Your Anika ;) 

Hi Kristian, thank you again for the great shooting. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was perfect. The pictures are really first class. I will recommend you to every woman who would like to have beautiful photos of herself. Also the "photo assistant" liked it very much.

It was a lot of fun. I hesitated at first, but I am happy with the shooting and the pictures. Pleasant atmosphere, respectful, serious, competent. Was totally amazed at how pretty I can look! I can only recommend it to anyone (everyone). 

To all the women who don't dare: Go ahead, it was a great and unforgettable experience and Kristian is a very nice and sympathetic person with whom you can approach lightheartedly. By the way, my friend was very happy about the photos. Quote: I have never received such a nice birthday present! 

Hi Kristian, I wanted to thank you again, because the photo shoot was super great. The atmosphere was really good, as if you know each other for a long time and you just felt comfortable. Had not thought that the photos work so well, could also separate me hard from photos and then took ne nice big selection. Once again THANK YOU! Continue to create good, I can only recommend you. Love greeting 

Hi Kristian, would like to thank you again for the exciting shooting. The atmosphere was relaxed, you were very professional and I was glad to have a companion with me. Booking the styling and make up with you was very good, I haven't seen myself like this before! The photos turned out beautiful and are a great memory for later. Can really only recommend you. Best regards Lena 

Hi Kristian, thank you very much for the relaxed atmosphere and the professional shooting. Will surely remain a lasting memory for all involved (even for the little man inside me). I highly recommend you for all kinds of photography and look forward to doing baby photos with you soon.

The photos turned out really nice, and just as I imagined! Everything is great, thank you! Looking forward to getting the photos soon! 

The shooting was really great I really liked it as well as the photos!!!! have become really great!!!will gladly recommend you!!! LG Patricia 

Thank you for the great shooting. I had a lot of fun. You have totally exceeded my expectations. My wishes and ideas were all implemented. The pictures are sure to be great and I totally excited to get the photos :-) Kristian, I will definitely recommend you. LG A..... 

Thanks for the great experience of feeling like a "star" for once! The photos are beautiful and I can only recommend you! Super ambience, relaxed atmosphere and good cooperation = top result! 

First of all, thank you for the great photos. I have also looked at an acquaintance photos, which should actually be erotic. But no comparison at all with the pictures you took. There was nothing professional about them. I will
recommend you. Now that I have slept on it and processed everything, I look forward to the pictures. Did you super, thanks again!!!

You managed to make me look like a model. Really awesome pictures. Keep up the good work... 

The shooting was great the atmosphere was relaxing and you felt comfortable quickly.the photos are great, would not have thought that before!!! Always happy to do it again !

Shooting was very  pleasant, the initial nervousness was quickly gone. It was a beautiful experience.

I would like to thank you again for the pleasant shooting. You don't do something like this every day! I would definitely do it again! 

The photo session was fun and the pictures were really nice. My sweetheart will be happy about the nude calendar ...