​Rain photo shoot / wet shoot in photo studio

​The Rain photo set in my photo studio covers a generous 20 square meters, which are completely sprinkled. Not comparable with conventional water shoots, which are carried out in a small space only with a Shower head or hose are carried out.

Here is space for very special nude photos, which are not only body landscapes landscapes with water drops on the skin (bodyparts), but also whole scenarios scenarios (e.g. with umbrella, bicycle or even motorcycle).

You get from me all the tips on how you can best put yourself in the scene.

​A specially developed rain machine conjures up realistic rain at the touch of a button. At a water temperature of your choice and with a large-scale water scenario for a powerful water dynamics full of glittering water drops and splashes. Each drop is perfectly captured by the use of special high-speed flashes.

You can use this photo set at no extra charge with a normal nude photoshooting in my studio. Look forward to exciting Nude photos. 

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