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​Nude photos in black and white are characterised by special aesthetics. There are nudes, partial nudes, lingerie/boudoir photos. By reducing them to black and white, the photos often develop a graphic effect. Shapes and lines are focussed. Areas of the body that should not be emphasised can be placed in shadow. Other areas are emphasised by light. This effect is particularly effective with body landscapes (detailed shots of the body).

Through the skilful use of light and shadow, the body is shaped and a depth effect is created. This is how exciting nude photographs are created during the photo shoot that leave room for fantasy. 

​Black and white photos have a different pictorial effect than colour photos and accordingly a special charm. You can find examples, ideas, poses for erotic photo art in black and white here in my gallery with the best nude photos.

Here you can see only a part of my work for inspiration. If you do a shooting with me, you don't have to decide beforehand whether you would rather have coloured nudes or black and white nudes. I always shoot in colour, so you are free to choose which photos are also converted to black and white afterwards.

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