​Environmental protection in the photo studio & ecological commitment as a photographer 

​Ecological responsibility & green commitment has been a high priority for me for about 10 years.              

10 trees are planted per shoot. Each individual tree binds an average of about 10 kg CO₂ per year. The photo shoot and image processing cause emissions of about 75 to 100 kg CO₂. The tree donations per shoot compensate for this after 1 year at the latest. The trees are getting older than 40 years, so that in total more CO₂ is bound than was emitted. The donation recipients are WWF, plant-for-the-planet, and OneTreePlanted, which together have already planted more than 20 million trees worldwide.     

In addition, €10 per shoot goes to a certified environmental protection organization such as WWF, Greenpeace, or NABU.

The power for this website, the photo shoots and image editing is supplied by 100% green electricity. The energy for heat (hot water & heating) comes from the waste heat of the neighboring industry through cogeneration technology and is CO₂-neutral. 

​During the new construction of my photo studio, particularly highly insulating building elements were used elements, which are significantly better than the low-energy stipulates.

The lighting is provided by energy-saving LED lamps. Wherever it makes sense, motion detectors ensure that light is only switched on when it is actually needed.

An outdoor area of around 320 square meters was laid out with wild plants and trees. Indoors, many indoor plants ensure a good climate. 

Bicycles and public transportation are used for trips as far as possible.

Paper consumption has been minimized to almost zero through digitization. Paper from unsolicited advertising is minimized through an entry in the the Robinson list. The printing of photo books and photo canvases is outsourced to CO2-neutral companies.

Online orders (if not available regionally) are only placed with suppliers with climate-neutral shipping.

Please have a look at my environmental protection photo project.