Aktfotograf Kristian Liebrand

Social engagement - charity projects

​As a photographer, I make things visible that are present, but not
everyone has so far perceived in this form and intensity.

With my fundraising projects I want to focus and create new ways of seeing, to animate as many people as possible to help within their possibilities. to help.

Since 2014, I have been working about 200 hours per year free of charge for the good cause. As an organizer, photographer, image editor, video producer and publisher of coffee table books and art calendars.

So far 3 projects have been launched and could be implemented thanks to the support of models, project partners and sponsors:

1. "With a bathtub against water poverty in Africa".
2. "Mutspenden - in the fight against blood cancer" (Berlin, Hamburg, New York)
3. "Nude for Nature - for more environmental awareness."

​In order to draw attention to an issue in need of help, to raise awareness and ultimately to collect donations, I conduct individual shoots and present the results in photo exhibitions, coffee table books and virtual platforms.

Everyone who makes a donation to one of the selected donation organizations (e.g. WWF, DKMS, Nabu, OneTreePlanted) as a result of the current campaign receives a coffee-table book or art calendar as a thank-you gift.

With the donation projects so far I was able to collect about 35,000 € in donations. MANY THANKS to the many donors, great models and energetic supporters!

Sponsors and models wanted!
Of course I am happy about further support: modeling, sponsoring, locations for shootings and exhibitions...if you want to be part of a fundraising project, feel free to contact me.

​Here you can find some of the photos that were taken during these projects in Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Italy and Switzerland.