​Your investment for a very special day with photos that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

​The most beautiful reward for me as a photographer is to look into the happy beaming face of a client when she sees her photos. Experiencing how my views captured in pictures lead to women finding themselves beautiful and attractive (again) is a reward for me. Of course, this alone cannot finance such special photo shoots and this unique location. Here are the prices (even though you will probably never think about them again after the photo shoot)

​A nude shoot is probably the best investment in your self-awareness and self-love. Actually something priceless.

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​​Your special day

  • ​​full day (no time limit!)
  • 360 sqm backdrop photo studio
  • photographer with more than 70 international awards
  • 11 sets with rain photostudio
  • motive development and posing direction
  • numerous props 
  • image discussion
  • cold / hot drinks


​​for the whole shooting day

​Your beauty as a piece of art

  • ​​type-appropriate, sensitive image editing
  • removal of bruises, spots, spider veins, cellulite
  • authentic adjustment of body shapes if desired
  • very high resolution of 45 megapixels
  • electronic delivery of the final motifs in full resolution (.jpg) without watermark
  • digital body painting
  • private, non-commercial right of use


​​per photo. Minimum purchase 12.

​Your perfect Look

  • ​​trained stylist
  • high-quality brand products 
  • suggestions, coordination and styling tips 
  • from discreet to extravagant
  • typical make-up for great complexion, expressive eyes and beautiful lips
  • Hairstyling (shine, straightened, curled, or wavy)
  • 60 to 90 minutes
  • optional: Eyelash extension (+10,- €)


for hairstyling and make-up

​​Good to know

  • ​valid for 1 person (no couples)
  • only for women 18 years and older 
  • not valid for commercial use such as. Escort (violations will be legally prosecuted)
  • Mondays to Thursdays (Saturdays +450 €, Sundays/holidays +600 €)
  • Appointment booking only possible with deposit of 250 €
  • SORRY, there are no shorter shoots, no unedited photos or discounts
  • for each shoot 10 trees will be planted and 10 € will be donated to an environmental/animal welfare organization
  • more than 1,000 happy clients since 2008


All prices in Euro including VAT.

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​Other prices on request
Aktfoto mit Licht und Schatten )Aktshooting im Fotostudio)
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​Your beauty is worth to be captured captured forever in high quality images. Cheap offers will probably not meet this demand. The price will not be important later, but the pictures will! You will enjoy well-made photographs for a lifetime.

A nude photo shooting is something very special, which you will probably probably only 1x in your life. To avoid disappointments disappointments and to evaluate supposedly cheap offers, you should generally consider the following points when looking at photo shooting prices:

How much time do you have available for the shooting? 
This is especially important if you have no shooting experience.

What experience does the photographer have in nude photography?
No type of photography makes such high demands on the photographer as nude photography. The photographer must therefore have appropriate experience in terms of technique, posing direction(!) and image composition. For this a corresponding number of performed nude shootings is required. A good portrait photographer is not necessarily a good nude photographer.

What references does the photographer have? Are there objective reviews by photo magazines, photo contests, editorial reports? What do the clients say? How diverse is the style of the of the photos?

How is the creativity of the photographer? 
To judge that, you should look at least 30 different photos of the photographer of different different types of women. 

What size and atmosphere does the studio offer, how is it equipped, how many backdrops and props are there? 
This is important for the diversity and individuality of your photos, unless you only want photos of body parts ("body landscapes", "low-key body parts").

How type-fairly and extensively are the photos worked on? 
Not all image editing is the same. Some photo studios only edit cropping, tone and contrast, but not skin, body shapes, eyes, teeth, background, etc.... Some photographers have the image editing done for a few cents in India or China. Whether the image editing is then done true to type and with sensitivity is questionable; not to mention data protection.

Are the photos delivered electronically and if so, in what resolution?
Preview images with low Internet resolution, for example, cannot be developed. If, for example, only prints (and no files) are delivered, these are usually much more expensive than a print at a photo lab. There are therefore high follow-up costs for repeat orders.

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