​Frequently asked questions and answers about nude shooting

​Can anyone do a nude shoot or do you have to meet requirements?

Basically, any woman can do a nude shoot with me. There are only a few basic requirements: You must be older than 18 years old and basically be at least somewhat satisfied with yourself and your appearance. Of course not 100% (nobody is). A photo shoot will give you more confidence and you will literally see yourself in a new light. But you will not be portrayed as a different person in the photos. If you want to look 12 kg lighter, 12 cm taller and 12 years younger in your photos, Photoshop may be able to do it, but that's not my understanding of photography. Minor adjustments to body shapes and skin appearance are possible, and they can be done with sensitivity and without significantly changing the type. You don't need model measurements. With the right lighting and pose, as well as a favorable perspective, photos will be created without Photoshop that will surprise you. So you don't need to have any experience with photo shoots either. Most of my clients have never had a professional photo shoot. I will suggest and explain every pose to you. You can not do anything wrong

​My cellulite bothers me - can I still get beautiful photos?

Absolutely. There are many ways that cellulite no longer bothers you in your photos. With the right lighting, pose and perspective, cellulite will no longer look like it does in the unflattering "light of a changing room" during the photo shoot. In addition, it can also be hidden with stockings and lingerie.

​How far in advance should I book an appointment?

This varies greatly and depends on your flexibility. The earlier you request, the more certain you will be able to get your desired date. Short-term appointments (within 2 weeks) are rather rare (only if another customer had to cancel or as a special appointment on a Sunday).

​How late should I be there?

The photo shoot day starts at 09.00 with the styling, which lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours. If you should be there a little earlier, that's no problem. If you are late, it will be deducted from your styling time, because the make-up artist has follow-up appointments and therefore unfortunately can not extend the time.

​How long does the photo shoot last?

The shooting day is without time limit. Each shooting is individual and therefore it is impossible to predict exactly. Including the image discussion / selection you should expect 8 to 10 hours.

​Can I be photographed only in lingerie?

Yes, you can also do a pure lingerie photo shoot.  How much skin you show, of course, is up to you. For me it makes no difference.

​Do you have lingerie in your studio that I can use for the shoot?

For hygienic reasons I do not offer this. Disinfected high heels in sizes 36 to 42 in various shapes and colors are available here. Also other props such as blindfolds, hand / foot cuffs, ropes, rose petals, etc..

​What should I bring with me? How can I prepare myself?

You will receive after the confirmed booking and receipt of your deposit a "bring list", directions and tips on how to prepare for your nude shoot.

​What if I have pimples or bruises on the day of the shoot of all days?

You decide what to do with them. Basically, you can leave them as they are (they belong to you), tone them down (not so visible anymore) or remove them completely. We will discuss this on the photos that you have finally chosen. If you want to have very large scars on your photos completely removed, I ask you to clarify with me in advance to what extent this is possible.

​What is the process of a nude photo shoot?

Here you will find the procedure of a nude shoot in my photo studio.

​What resolution do my nude photos have?

Die Fotos werden mit einer sehr hohen Auflösung von 45,7 Megapixeln aufgenommen. Sie erhalten die ausgewählten Fotos in voller Auflösung. Format: jpg. Das reicht auch für großformatige Abzüge, zum Beispiel als Leinwandbild im Format 3 x 2 Meter.

​How do I receive my photos later?

After the image processing you will receive the purchased photos as a password-protected download, so that you can easily order prints, canvas prints, photo books, etc. online at any (online) photo printing company.

​How long do I have to wait to get my edited photos

Within just a few business days after your shoot, your photos will be edited and ready for download.

​Do you also offer the design of a photo book or nude calendar?

Die Gestaltung eines Aktfoto-Albums oder Aktkalenders ist sehr vom persönlichen Geschmack abhängig und macht übrigens am meisten Spaß, wenn Du sie selbst vornimmst. Das ist ganz einfach mit einer kostenlosen Software und wenigen Klicks gemacht. Gerne empfehle ich Dir einen Anbieter.

​Will my photos be shown to other people, published on the Internet or anything like this?

Your photos will be kept absolutely confidential. No one but you will be given access to the photos. Unless you and I have expressly agreed in writing with a separate release agreement.

​What if I am sick on the day of the shoot or cannot attend for some other reason?

Your deposit will be forfeited if you do not keep the appointment. Why?  Here you will find all the information.

​Can I take an accompanying person with me?

In principle, yes, but experience shows that it is better to participate in the photo shoot without a companion. On the one hand, you can concentrate better on the shoot, and on the other hand, a shooting day usually gets boring for a companion at some point. If you still want to, your companion can stay in the open styling/break area near the sets, but not in the photo backdrops, so you and I can work undisturbed. TIP for escorts: The RUHR-PARK in Dortmund, only 5 minutes away, offers many possibilities to spend the day - for example with cinema, shopping, gastronomy and wellness.

​Who does the photo shoot and image editing?

Both are done by me personally.  I do not use employees, interns, trainees or external image processing agencies.

​Are other people present at the photo shoot?

The stylist will leave the photo studio after her work. No other people will be present (except for a possible escort: see above).

​May I bring animals to the shoot?

Yes, if they are also to become part of the photos. However, please only after prior consultation.