​Why do I have to pay a deposit and what does it mean?

A nude photo shoot is for almost everyone the first time to be photographed professionally (and even undressed). to be photographed. Accordingly great is the nervousness and the uncertainty. 

This can lead to the fact that one asks oneself just shortly before the whether this was the right decision. Then there is the fact that the timing is never perfect, of course. You may feel too fat" / "too thin", you have a "bad-hair-day", your period, or you feel period, slept badly the night before because of nervousness, etc..
Some then decide not to do the shoot after all. do the shoot. This is a very emotional decision, but it usually has very little to do with the actual feasibility of the shoot. has very little to do with the actual feasibility of the shoot.

All customers, who despite the circumstances" came to the shooting, have experienced a good shooting day and good shooting day and got pictures that they like to look at. Please read also in my guestbook. 
From more than 10 years of experience I can say that the cancellation rate is directly related to the amount of the deposit:

Deposit 0,- €: about every 5th shooting was canceled.
Deposit 100,- €: about every 12th shooting was canceled
Deposit 200,- €: about every 25th shooting is canceled

You see that it is not necessarily the circumstances if
you take part in the shooting, but very often a question of the
self-confidence and the will. By the way, I have had to cancel only one shooting in 14 years.

​Of course you can get sick - the risk is always there. No matter if you book a flight or buy a concert ticket. 

Your risk is 250 ,- € if you are unable to attend. From a purely legal point of view, if you cancel at short notice, I would be allowed to charge you much more than this deposit and charge you the full amount (basic shooting fee + minimum photo shoot). By the way, many photographers and studios do this and do not shy away from taking legal action in the worst case. 
I charge only 250 € and have a much higher risk than you (and that for circumstances for which I am not responsible!).

You lose 250,- € in case of non-participation, while I lose about 6 times that amount, because cancellations due to illness are almost always so short notice that the appointment cannot be rescheduled. In this case, about 3 days are lost (preparation, shooting day, image processing time), which were reserved exclusively for you. 
It makes no difference whether you postpone or cancel the appointment. Also your personal reason is not relevant, because I can't necessarily check it and the expense/cancellation remains anyway. So if an appointment is to be postponed, the original deposit will be forfeited and a new one has to be made. 
I hope you can understand why I - like all service providers - I require this down payment. I require this deposit. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any other arrangement.